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  1. Look out for the freezer. It should be the one where you don't get tons of ice lining the sides.
  2. Looks like audience loved it. Im glad. Hopefully we get a good sequel than irons out all the kinks.
  3. If they don't make major changes this is gonna be another Babylons Fall
  4. Yeah i hated that scene. At least have the DA push him away or turn away or something. Something so easily fixed but they didn't bother.
  5. Doing Year 2 Batman was def interesting
  6. dylanjosh

    God of War

    Can someone tell me how to get into these areas? Can't figure it out. For ref I'm currentl at the point where I've reached the mountain peak and have to go meet the Witch again. I just got the shock arrows so I'l probably explore these areas again
  7. It's not as bad as that lol. It's still a good movie. I'm looking forward to the sequel. Its just not as good as the 90% Rotten Tomato score.
  8. Thanks. I'm getting it primarily for PC. PS5 would be an added benefit.
  9. OK watched it today morning. 7/10 Before I say anything let me just say I hate that the title is just "The Batman" because googling for anything related to this movie is annoying as f**k.
  10. Lol I feel I can already guess half the stuff in the movie based on who's liking it and disliking it
  11. Yep. Most of the pro-russian people have very weird "just submit to the bully" stance towards Ukraine which is something they would never say for their own country.
  12. RIP. I used to emulate his bowling action when playing cricket as a kid
  13. Whatever side you're on, you have to admit this guy has the biggest balls of steel right now
  14. Woke companies are the funniest thing ever. There's a restaurant that stopped selling Poutine because it sounds like Putin
  15. Bookings opened for batman. Go book tickets quick
  16. Definitely. I think Russia will get Ukraine eventually. It def did not go acc to their plan but they will just throw bodies at it and keep a sustained effort going. But i also think their economy will be royally f**ked by all this + sanctions
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