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  1. Am just so happy at the attention craving Neur getting what he deserved. Thouroghly enjoyed that
  2. Would be a f**king shame if Salah misses WC.
  3. They both wouldnt have made the corner either way imo. Was way too late.
  4. Lets hope all talks mclarens been doing for the spanish gp comes to good affect and see alonso competing. As of now Ferrari looks like they have the diva.
  5. Probably the most interesting season in years.
  6. Watch What the Fit kevin hart (Youtube) for some genuine laughs.
  7. I have my cousin studying in US. Can i send him money? Then he can transfer from there.
  8. Thats another thing, i can't show it as a trade since i am not getting the product shipped to India. Customs. :\
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