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  1. Patal lok is so overrated. Its a good show no doubt with some nice character development and great acting but there is nothing more than that to the show. I mean the main plot line is so cliched. Hell Sacred games S1 was just so much better.
  2. Cash


    I think the situation in Mumbai and Chennai is pretty much out of control because 2 days back there were 4 or so people who returned from Mum to Kerala and were tested positive. Similar cases from Chennai too. This just shows how many people are left untraced?
  3. Just rewatched Snatch - Oh man what a movie
  4. Cash


    On the other hand, Kerala is really keeping it under control. /Knockwood
  5. Cash


    Is 23 cases valid? Read news saying its 300+
  6. Zombieland Double Tap - What a f**kall movie.
  7. Albon got lucky. Clear cut penalty.
  8. Agreed What they should do is make a sequel with more him in the Joker character. I haven't felt such goosebumps in the last 20 or so minutes in a long time, What would work for the sequel is you are more attached to the character than ever before.
  9. Am just so happy at the attention craving Neur getting what he deserved. Thouroghly enjoyed that
  10. Would be a f**king shame if Salah misses WC.
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