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  1. United has definitely improved their style of play. Kudos to Ten Hag! Still bit wobbly and open on defence but creatively much improved.
  2. What could've been a great season between Leclerc and Verstappen just ruined spectacularly by Ferrai.
  3. He did no doubt but Affleck deserved more. The Physique of Affleck fits Batman so much more than Pattinson..
  4. Batman was so brilliant, really should've went to the theatres. Liked it more than bale ones to be honest, The settings are perfect. Truly feels like watching a batman movie from the get go. Easily the best superhero movie i have seen in a while. Edit - This should've been Ben Afflecks Batman.
  5. French Dispatch, House of Gucci or Kings man? What to watch next guys?
  6. What a mega season this is turning out to be.
  7. What a colossal shitshow. Verstappen was the better driver throughout the season but damn if this isn't daylight robbery i don't know what is. To put a small perspective to someone not biased, With FIA deciding to make this a soap opera and not professional racing what they basically did was compromise race of many other drivers just for the show. For example : Verstappen didn't have anyone at his back for SC restart because the cars between Sainz and Verst weren't allowed to unlap themselves and Sainz had to fend off Tsunoda because he had to overtake lapped cars. What a sh*t show. I feel like Hamilton should just retire now and go out on a high. Next year going to be tough with Russell.
  8. Think red bull is faster in the straights this weekend with that tiny wing they have put on.
  9. Really excited for the first time since SAF's departure with Ragnicks arrival, really think he can make united play some proper football. Fingers crossed.
  10. Thats true, its still just a torpedo or wrong move away but under normal conditions, its tough. Next 2 races are red bull territory and then the last 3 races, Bottas will have to show up high and secure 1-2s for Hamilton to stand a chance. But yea this is F1, Anything can happen. What an exciting season this has been.
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