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  1. More like we will see Sony games on Epic store in future. Plus PC is the only way to enjoy PS games at 60 fps
  2. Can u sneak past or use stealth against Ground Zero boss to kill it? I tried to avoid and break line of sight but damn thing always able to find me.
  3. I avoided almost Humans with dogs on my 2nd playthrough. I skipped pretty much every encounter as i knew where to go to escape them.
  4. You forgetting this IVG? .. Only forum on internet where Admins and mods post flame bait stuff to trigger console wars.. Members posting it is one thing but admins and mods? lol People are now Searching random tweet and comparing likes to sh*t on Xbox . Hate for Xbox is real bro, at this point don't even bother replying anymore lol.
  5. https://venturebeat.com/2020/07/09/sony-invests-250-million-in-fortnite-maker-epic-games/ So now we know why Tim Sweeny was praising PS5 so much lol
  6. I missed this video. Sorry if old. Tlou 2 is a impressive looking game with fantastic animations but it got Downgraded in some areas compared to reveal trailers which happens with every game nowadays. CD guy was right after all.. xD
  7. WhiteWolf

    Cyberpunk 2077

  8. I think it will have all of that but visually it will not be cartoony. Plus you can have humor in witcher style world as well. Man if it got sea of thieves style graphics. Oh boy the hate it will get will be insane. Lol
  9. So rumours are PG Fable will be very different from old Fable. It will be massive open world more in line with Witcher and Skyrim than what Lionhead made in past. So basically they using name of Fable but very different from whatever garbage Lionhead was making in past. Good coz fuk old Fable games. Same is happening with new Perfect Dark. Its more in line with DeusEx games. Nothing is confirmed. All just rumours, so lets see what happens on July 23rd.
  10. Lot of GG staff moved to playground games and Initiative.
  11. And got the platinum trophy. Damn game has lot of collectables
  12. Rocksteady will join them if they acquire WB gaming division as they part of package.
  13. Agree. Elie- Dina relationship was forced and put in to the game just to please gay community lol. Dina was super forgettable and ND did a good job making me actively dislike Elie. She was basically murdering everyone good or bad and when she went back to Abby again leaving Dina and Baby alone, i was really mad. I was hoping to fight as Abby and Kill Elie tbh. There's a time when you just stop and move on but she was still obsessed with killing Abby. ND did what Game of thrones writers did in last season. Made everyone hate Danerys and made Cersei good lol. ND tried same sh*t with Tlou. Lol
  14. Ya so nothing wrong in Batman games becoming exclusive to MS after they acquire them and sign a exclusive deal. Anyway, MS holding few announcements for August event as well to counter Sony according to Venturebeat https://venturebeat.com/2020/07/07/xbox-games-showcase-what-to-expect-from-the-july-event/
  15. So i was wondering same then someone on other forums said this- Also DC will easily give rights to MS if Rocksteady under MS as Rocksteady expert at Batman games.
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