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  1. I mean unfair bans common on ivg. So how much PS5 is now in India?
  2. Open ps vs xbox thread. I want to post some sh*t.
  3. From overpriced games to overpriced console. Arrogant Sony back. Sony should have eat those losses like MS instead of increasing the price. Sony is a billion dollar company, they can take the hit. Also Its so unfair they increased prices everywhere except US.
  4. One final time Radical has no - Life Consoles PSN or Xbox id Brains. Please stop asking him again about things i mentioned above.
  5. Thanks. I will have to block RV as well before i say something nasty and get banned. He used to be good friend on psn. We played Resident evil games together but he is becoming toxic annoying pony. So he going to ignore list too.
  6. Sach, why you don't say anything when they start sh*t for reason. You try to play all neutral when they post bs but when i say something as joke, you come and attack. You becoming like them? Lol. Anyway, i edited my post and apologise. I made that comment as joke nothing serious compared to what they said against me.
  7. Another Ank quality you have. Playing victim. You started sh*t with me by repeating Radi bs. I said nothing insulting towards you now. You provoke people and then play victim card.
  8. Seeing again personal insult. I don't see anything in that post as personal insult. I didn't use anything directly towards anyone. So idk what you talking about. RV calling me racist is personal insult. Why he starting sh*t when i said nothing insulting towards him or Radical . I edit my post if you all find that joke insulting and i apologise
  9. What did i say? I said Add N after A? How its insulting? Lol what. You should be banned for attacking me and calling me racist n all. You guys daily starting this personal sh*t here and action should being taken against you all.
  10. https://www.indianvideogamer.com/forums/index.php?/profile/24717-rahul-gaandmaraani/ Is this Alt of Ank? Jk Funny name lol
  11. When you have nothing meaningful to say people like them resort to such personal insult. RV is on Ank payroll.Atleast he owns a console unlike other two. Apology. Post edited. I jokingly said it.
  12. That kind of stuff people like you do not me, you part of that mentality and belong that group in real life. I only go nasty if someone starts sh*t with me. If you start abusive towards me and nasty towards me then i also get nasty. But i don't start sh*t like you all do for no reason. So funny You believe clowns like Radical and start accusing people of that shows how stupid you are. People like you and Radical get insulted on IVG on daily basis and still have no shame, you resort to personal insult by posting bunch of bs about other members when you get owned or get cornered. You have nothing meaningful to say then make personal attack. Lol. You have officially replaced Ank now as full time pony. Congratulations
  13. You both have similarities. You turn every thread into crap with your post.
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