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  1. WhiteWolf

    Hitman 3

    Well new TR games are not exact Uncharted Copy. All are semi-open world with RPG elements and offer more gameplay options than UC games.. Only time you can call them exact copy of UC, when you are doing those over the top scripted set piece sequences. I can list multiple things which are different in new TR than UC and better.. TR reboot games are fairly loved by everyone except selected old hardcore fans as they hate its not complete puzzle and exploration focus like old games
  2. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    It cant even maintain 1080p resolution on SX when rendering two scenes at same time, you really expect it to run at 60 fps lol Its really demanding game even on PC unless you are using DLSS
  3. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    Iam judging that game based on videos, if final game somehow good and im wrong then i will admit that i was wrong.. But right now based on videos, that game looks meh.
  4. Doesnt matter, you can play co-op. It still runs as a PS4 game under BC using Game boost on PS5 with unlocked frame-rate. Even his trophy card on PSN APP shows it as PS4 game.. If you view his profile from your friends list it will show him playing GoT on PS4 not PS5
  5. those are very nice lovely people. Dont think too much
  6. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    i never went ga gao over this wtf? You should check last few pages. I was never excited for this game.
  7. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    Sale? what sale? Game pass ftw :p
  8. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    Hitman 3 IOI is independent and game is self published by them :p
  9. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    Those are some high scores from GS, PC gamer and Eurogamer but then it falls hard
  10. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    Fixed camera is huge bummer.. Not many will enjoy it now unless reviews are good
  11. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    Resolution a mess, fps locked 30, fixed camera. Technical mess imo
  12. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    I dont know why would u expect a third party indie studio to showcase hardware power? Is it coz its a timed exclusive? Next you will expect Ascent to show hardware power? Gears 5 and the Hivebuster DLC, Forza Horizon 4 and Ori2 and now recent Hitman 3 are much better showcase then this game
  13. WhiteWolf

    The Medium

    How its running on PC? Any benchmarks out. I bet dual rendering cause lot of issues there as well lol
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