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  1. Ok bol diya maine Satya aur Modi ko. Should be sorted soon. Ok
  2. You can buy cards from Prepaid.com. Though they bit expensive
  3. WhiteWolf


    Matchmaking already and this game supports cross platform matchmaking lol.
  4. Modders waste no time This modder trying his best to showcase the mod lol. She is basically female Mr X. Lol
  5. I played 1 just once but 2 and 3 twice. I never played any of the DLCs. Are all DLCs included for all 3?
  6. I wont mind Chinese government type rule to curb pandemic spread but no covid or political discussion here lol. Back to topic Yes 2 and 3 are remastered as well but less work went into 2 and 3 since both are still fairly modern and PC enhanced ports. 1 got biggest improvement
  7. Attacking Angela Merkel got me in trouble. Angela Merkel fans here lol. Back to topic. You convinced me. Im getting it. Check crazy achievements list lol https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.trueachievements.com/n45444/mass-effect-legendary-edition-achievement-list-revealed
  8. I really really badly want to play Legendary edition but damn they charging alot for old a*s games.
  9. Did you just said that you will wait for game pass version
  10. My favourite AC game out of Origins and Valhalla was Odyssey. It was lot of fun to play and had better quests and characters. Origins and Valhalla are good games but i can totally understand why people will not like em. Too much sh*t packed into both which are not fun and added to increase length of the game
  11. So we have Angela Merkel supporters on this forum. Crazy lol.
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