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  1. WhiteWolf


    NT will make Xbox great again by making more looking puzzles and walking simulator games
  2. WhiteWolf

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Lot of good deals on Xbox right now. Bought SC6 for X as it was 67% off. And Diablo 3 Eternal collection Necro pack
  3. WhiteWolf

    Path of Exile

    Im casual gamer. So D3 good for me
  4. WhiteWolf


    I know. Just did to get some reactions. Lol
  5. WhiteWolf

    Mortal Kombat 11

    Sephi 22 ? Ivg member?
  6. WhiteWolf

    RAGE 2

    Will consoles have Fov sliders ?
  7. WhiteWolf

    Mortal Kombat 11

    It's Sjw approved MK11 .
  8. WhiteWolf

    Mortal Kombat 11

    MK X is on Game Pass, hopefully someday MK11 will also show up . Absolutely no interest in buying it for full price.
  9. WhiteWolf

    Path of Exile

    PoE 4k60 on X but sadly i don't like it. Im more into Diablo 3
  10. Playing Crackdown 3 atm. So far im enjoying blowing sh*t up.
  11. You playing it with Joycons or Pro controller? Can't imagine anyone playing that extremely challenging game on the go with those Joycon sticks lol
  12. Lol Uncharted games have lot of shooting. Action was toned down in 4 n Lost Legacy but still you shoot nd kill lot of people . And same goes for TR Reboot. Lara is female Rambo in all 3 lol
  13. WhiteWolf

    Crackdown 3

    There's a female Indian Agent name Varma who talks in Hindi in the game 😮 And she says some funny sh*t in Hindi like Bhootni k n all
  14. WhiteWolf

    Days Gone

    Game pass also includes expensive AAA games like Forza ,Gears and Halo. Whether you like these games or not but these games are expensive AAA tittles with lot of money thrown behind them. Sea of thieves maybe cheap to develop but MS has spend significant amount of money in marketing for it. Halo infinite budget is closed to 500m and it's day one Game pass tittle. And i don't care whether devs make money or not. As a consumer i want to experience more games at low cost and would love to subscribe to similar service like game pass on Ps. Netflix is full of big budget shows as well. Once you put enough quality stuff, subscription service will make more money to company in long run than charging 60$ once. Sony got enough exclusives games that they can charge 20$/ month and get lot of subscribers for their service. PS Pass will be more successful than any other gameplay services. Reason i think Sony will not do this coz as a company you to have suffer lot of short term losses and invest heavily in such service and Sony not financially strong like MS to suffer losses at the moment. MS is looking towards future with Game Pass and for that it's ready to suffer short term losses.
  15. WhiteWolf

    The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Next gen MP will be free on Xbox i think