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  1. Hehe his hatred towards MS and those who play on Xbox is real and it's funny and sad at same time. Lol
  2. https://www.pushsquare.com/news/2019/11/sony_our_exclusives_are_too_special_and_valuable_to_giveaway_day_one_with_ps_now Agree and he is right. MS is f**ckin stupid devaluing and destroying all of their franchise for selling em for a 1$
  3. WhiteWolf

    Death Stranding

    Getting interested after seeing you guys discussing about the game Winter sale I will get it for sure.
  4. WhiteWolf

    Fallout 76

    https://www.polygon.com/2019/11/6/20950122/fallout-76-apocalyptic-aristocracy-peasants-class-war-bethesda-subscription-1st Wow this is crazy lmao
  5. Few Game pass games releasing day and date in 2020
  6. WhiteWolf

    Death Stranding

    Oops i was trying to quote you but ended up quoting KC. My bad
  7. Man these local isps offer real good speed bur they cover very selected areas even in big cities. Sucks
  8. X all the way for RDR 2 as far console version is concerned. Image quality is incredible on X and smooth frame rate.
  9. Wow Chu Yoshida not head of WW studios.
  10. WhiteWolf

    Diablo IV

    Why ppl upset over D4?
  11. X version is native 4k. Looks sharp. Much better than wasting time on pc version.
  12. Ya but Dont think there's any marketing deal for Outerworld with Sony. Outerworld 1 don't look like a game that Sony will go after deal. It's no red red or Destiny nd all.
  13. Where I'm wrong. Is Obsidian not first party studio of MS? Outerworld came out after they got acquired as 1st party studio. How and when they developed it is irrelevant. At present reality is Obsidian owns Outerworld and both are owned by MS and Outerworld 2 not coming to PS5.
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