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  1. Most probably gonna get ban in India. Best to stay away from Indian mythology.
  2. Wow they copied so much from Destiny lol
  3. WhiteWolf

    Cyberpunk 2077

    I aint waiting. Im playing on current gen devices moment its out.
  4. WhiteWolf

    Cyberpunk 2077

    Game is looking insane. Damn
  5. Man u stupid. GodAwful is used for God Fall. Aint no one using that for God of War. I love God of war
  6. Who cares as long as im not paying 70$ for Sackboy and Godawful, im happy.
  7. Game pass best in class game service on best in cloud streaming technology. Nothing surprising here
  8. Yeah no one wants to abandon large user base this early man. MS and Sony will not do that, atleast till 2022
  9. What models he talking about? Give me such examples and no Xbox360 Arcade model and PS3 20gb not the same and Arcade models were selling like hot cakes back in 360 era. Gimped 2DS model sold millions and Switch Lite too. Switch Lite can't even Switch and work in Docked mode like Normal Switch but still called Switch lol Man you need to stop Believing his PR nonsense he feeding you. I pretty much ignore PR stuff Spencer says now and you also need to do same. Guy is liar and lied to everyone
  10. FF7 remake looks better. FF 16 releasing next year?
  11. Buy both when they out :P. Chances are Sony will do another 180 and put Gow 2 on PS4
  12. Well since its coming to PS4, im getting it along with Cyberpunk and Valhalla.
  13. Ya, people dont want her to make any money of them. She getting Royalty is big NO for many. I could care less though. I never liked Harry Porter but this game looks good.
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