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  1. Lol Shadow performance mode i tried and trust me that mode was there just to complete check list. Game ran horribly in performance mode, fluctuating alot. Psychonauts 2 may look cartoony but game uses real sharp looking textures and AA and other effects which One X cpu cant handle at 60fps
  2. Lol man how you can post such dumb things . Devs purposely holding One X back? What lol You do realise CPU is the reason why most games are 30fps on One X along with mechanical HDD? One X just boast higher resolution coz of gpu got higher bandwidth everything else is weaker in One X
  3. I sold my Xbox one X as playing games on it was horrible experience. Slow loading thanks to shitty HDD, sh*t frame rate in most games. Series S runs at lower resolution yes, but uses SX graphics presets at higher frame rate and fast loading.
  4. I posted as a joke but sadly you who call other people dumb are too dumb understand it.lol We all are dumb and you who worship ps5 24/7 without owning one and crapping every thread with nonsense is smart. Ok Lol. And FYI Vaibhav and most of us got both apps but Radical plays on PC only, so thats why he uses Xbox app. He dont have PS so why would he use it lol. Anyway, lets move to ps vs Xbox thread before Assassin comes
  5. Back to topic. Activities option in PS5 is f**king amazing if implemented properly. Love it. Jump back instantly to mission or activity without loading or anything.
  6. He uses Xbox to prove his innocence huh . So he dont even have access to PS app? Guy supports PS 24/7 but he dont even have PS app? New breed PS fans weird tbh. Lol. Sorry for off topic post but i couldn't resist.
  7. But seriously cant believe Don matrick fan club exist on ivg. Lol
  8. Lol Don Matrick was riding on success of 360 for years but moment Xbox one generation started, he made dumb comments like buy 360 if u want to play offline and took dumb decisions to bundle kinect with a underpowered box. Guy almost killed Xbox but thanks to our desi boy Satya,he was kicked out and right man was incharge. Don went to Zynga and within one year Zynga was bankrupt and shut down lol Originally Don had no faith in Xbox to succeed https://www.google.com/amp/s/gamingbolt.com/don-mattrick-didnt-have-any-faith-in-xbox-xbox-creator-reveals/amp Peter Moore, Shane Kim, J Allard and all are the main people behind 360 success. Most people post sh*t without knowing much as expected.
  9. tu kab lega wo bata.. Always asking others what they have lol..
  10. MS never openly said AAAA, they only mentioned it in job listing to attract people to studio. But some fans and media people ran with it and start posting it on social media which resulted people thinking they are massive 500 people studios lol. I will not be surprised if SE let go of CD and MS acquires them. Avengers not making any profit and SE's western division dont make much money compared to Japanese division. So they can take bag from MS and let them go along with TR IP like they did with IO and Hitman
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