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    Elden Ring

    Blood hound evergaol is easy. Just bait till he does the claw drag attack and smack his a*s
  2. Same here. Hope it reaches me tomorrow. Need to finish a large part by weekend.
  3. That's correct. The UC games from 2 onwards has been progressively worse wrt writing. While replaying the game specifically the driving sections like grinds the fast paced story to a crawl. UC games should be moving forward relentlessly since they are going for the summer action movie vibe
  4. Yes. I'm away from my pc at the moment. Will finish shadow asap.
  5. Biggest surprise 1. VR Gaming. While it's very hard to get into VR gaming especially here hp etc bringing forth decent headsets at a good price is great. Playing Pavlov, alyx or star wars squadron is like the first time I played wolfenstein. Pavlov is cs 1.6 so many fun game modes. The future is still 15 to 20 years away. But there is an ecosystem. Also the games are not riddles with mtx. 2. Ff 14 - this game took up a ton of my time in 2021. I'd request all to play through heavensward the first expansion. It's free to play and the amount of stuff given out is mid blowing. Heavensward is one of the best ff games I've played. Sadly it's locked behind a 50 hr grind. 3. Halo Infinite - fps goty for me. The m$ stuff right now is noise since the gameplay is so good. 4. Re Village was such a fun romp I'm glad I got a chance to play this at launch. Disappointments 1. Most games that released this year - Seemed to be an absolutely dry year stacked jn favor for the next year. 2. Evolution of ovetall game design philosophies - we don't call them nazi anymore syndrome. I think the current discourse is preventing the release of polarizing and divisive games. For ex manhunt, bully would not exist today ever. Instead every game story veering towards selling cartoonish skins. 3. Gaming journalism- quality has dipped heavily here. All I see is posturing and pandering. It's not long before halo is knocked on for not representing the marginalized.
  6. Yeah nate had killed several mercenaries right until he met Nadine. There were embargoes on the reviewers to talk about the story in a 100% story based game. They knew about the reaction Also ellie killing everyone else apart from the killer. The killer who literally did the same to ellie feeling 0 remorse. Almost everyone dropping their iq points by 60. There are several "revenge is bad" stories out there lou2 is not one of them. Just a story of right vs wrong from people who think they are always right.
  7. Because it essentially created a Mary Sue and asked us to connect with the person. The person in question being generally unlikable. Had an incredible coincidence to drive the story forward. Joel acting out of character and blurting out his name. Additionally, the overall demeanor of the studio head during the release. I can't recall a conversation that was around the actual game during the release. All of the focus was on the golf club and studio head acting like an a*s. Including not allowing reviewers to talk about the games story. The signs were there when in uc 4 a relatively thin black lady was manhanding drake and his bro. There are a 1000 things but the game simply is not fun.
  8. Yes good guess. The game was heavily pandering to the pc groups
  9. So, one company is making pure games and is respecting the legacy it represents, bringing value to end user with awesome sub services and another is driving its most well known franchises to the ground with needless agenda and pandering to certain groups. This gen currently belongs to the green bois.
  10. Gamepass Day 1/EA premier 1 month is all ill invest in this
  11. Cod campaigns are significantly better than BF. I love the newer games.
  12. I mean seriously one has to be a special kind of jobless to actually deal with this sheet for a living. I'm glad my luck worked out with 3070. Best investment ever
  13. Because Amazon did not deliver to many locations. Everywhere else it's a blink and miss
  14. Bro this is like a marketing gimmick 5 piece in stock market like its second coming of christ. Akhand Ch******.
  15. Vip3r

    God of War

    I have finished the story. Haven't killed the Valkerie
  16. Vip3r

    God of War

    Lol then since Im at Ishin I need to catch up a lot. :-p Ill probably play GOW but this time on a PS 5 maybe 2 years down the road
  17. Vip3r

    God of War

    I am playing sekiro and it does not have a difficulty setting. I am at Ashina. Not sure if I qualify for Pizza treat.
  18. Over engineered os? PS OS was mostly workable for me. Anything I can read up on? Any issues with ps5 os ?
  19. I realize that I have now consumed the hype cycle and flash sales. I honestly don't need it and I can and should wait. It was not the case with the 3070 FE I got on day 1.
  20. This is totally accurate except I loved castle. Also props for pointing our factory as a time sink.
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