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  1. Nice!! It looks much better than the pregnant disc version
  2. Congrats mate. Are you the first one to get a DE?
  3. No, No one has donated a PS5 game yet.
  4. After 11 years of hardwork and dedication, I am finally a newbie
  5. Yes, it can. I will see abt request thread.
  6. I agree. He is one of my favorite characters as well.
  7. Due to pandemic @SkinTightTuna doesn't have access to this game. Since he has donated another game, he will continue to be a member of IVG library. Future borrowers, pls note.
  8. When this was posted here, multiple folks exclaimed who believes Jaffe and he is not a credible source.
  9. No but GOW is in my radar. Horizon I am fine with PS4. Also if GOW is cross gen then I don't need it till 2022 end probably.
  10. The decision of not buying a PS5 at launch looks better and better XSX went up a couple of notches on my list.
  11. Once he redeems it on PS5, won't the same games become available on PS4 as well? I heard people were redeeming on friends PS5 to play it on their own PS4.
  12. Been 4 years since I used ps+. If I subscribed now, will I be able to see the ps+ games I added before my sub ran out?
  13. Cool, I will get this for her. I thought of Mi but the after sales support in my city is horrendous.
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