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  1. Ok Cool. I was also planning to do the same. Hopefully as long as the specifications match, that shouldn't be a problem for warranty.
  2. Can we install Batteries from outside apart from service center for Cars? Any issues with warranty? For my GTTSi VW showroom is quoting me 6.5k for new battery and replacement and only two years warranty. Seems to be a rip off. So want to get it done from go mechanic or other sources where they also offer 50months warranty at lesser price.
  3. I think it is not about being nice. On Sony's side, they see Revenue. So i doubt if there is a chance to make money there, they want to loose that install base. No other way to get back all that money without being more open for third party games. For new games not already in Development, it makes sense to keep exclusive to PC and Xbox yeah, and they will not say it until the install base for next gen is established. If sony leads big time again, then it would have forced its hand to keep releasing Bethesda games (for full price) on Sony and keep gaining the money. (While its free with Gamepass on Xbox). This way both would be happy.
  4. So regarding Bethesda games being upscaled on XSX . Wouldn't Bethesda be upgrading them on PS5 as well since they are already on it or they wouldn't even bother now? If yes, then I would like to see the response on Sony side. Stage is set for an all out war if they choose to and just remove those games from PSN store for future purchases.
  5. Pacifier

    Destiny 2

    That is what I go through each day. I have to plan my tasks around it. Like keep the game booted up and in orbit long before i actually plan to start paying just because of the load times. And i have little hope of it getting fixed with Beyond light. Worst part is 300MB game update takes ~1hr due to the "Copying" step Hope the next gen version upgrade also lands soon. (Assuming they have not yet announced dates for PS5/ XSX launch).
  6. Got this mail. Looks like my share buddy is going to get it after all.
  7. Not if you own Original SpiderMan on PS4. You need to spend 70$ to enjoy remaster.
  8. Only via USB and for storing games. Cannot launch directly (May be you can for old gen games)
  9. Sir, you are at risk. Your system update is still pending.
  10. Pacifier

    Destiny 2

    So he is a positive character? I missed D1 story so guess there are lot of videos to catch up. Nice. I do not quite remember if raids are tied to power level but try to upgrade to 1000 first so that you can do more damage in raids and people accept in LFG groups (although rarely we see "All levels welcome" sign). I have also only done 1 raid so far- Leviathan. Got it done via destiny 2 companion app - LFG groups. Ideally it would have been great if we had 6 people from IVG playing together but i think we got on the train pretty late. Gambit and Gambit Prime are so fun to play if you are feeling bored of strikes for levelling up. But if you keep doing World quests to get more exotic weapons, you will automatically level up without even knowing If you joined a month back when solstice of heroes event was running, you would directly get 1020 armor which means, your light level average increases and any weapon drops after that would have been on the upgraded level. I levelled up fast just because of that event. Hopefully, with the October event, there might be something similar which can speed up your levelling process
  11. Pacifier

    Destiny 2

    I keep forgetting to ask -> I am getting a choice related quest option at Drifter. to be with him or the vanguard. Which one to choose? If rewards at the end doesn't matter, i just want the easiest quest path -> I got another Rare Bounty from Ada (I already got Izanagi's burden). Is there any other use for this? I still plan to do it and keep it unclaimed but wanted to check on this. -> Broken Awoken Talisman quest - I completed forsaken campaign and got this quest at the end. This seems to be for unlocking dreaming city but it is already unlocked as part of New Light. Not sure if it is worth completing. (But if it makes one less quest icon from the map, for the sake of completeness i will do it ) Onto Shadowkeep Campaign now. About Forsaken,
  12. It is all propaganda. Those are all photoshopped satirical posts...
  13. If not free, they should at least provide option for upgrade path - 9.99$ or 19.99$ for people who own it on PS4. Edit: Or for People who invest in standard edition for Miles and already have PS4 spiderman, should be by default upgraded to Deluxe edition.
  14. Pacifier

    Apex Legends

    Yeah once you stick with something. Its hard to move to other games that also demands more time (like D2). But you should definitely make time to play those SP titles first. But now since its already late, may be directly on PS5 if they provide some upgrades for free.
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