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  1. Ill pm you the link where guy bought it soon n will share details of the store
  2. If you're planning to buy an oled soon don't go with lg just cause of hdmi 2.1 as im pretty sure ps5 games will natively work at 60fps only and 120fps 4k games will be very very rare. Incase you're still looking to buy a cx then try lg shopee in delhi someone claims to have bought one with all offers except for 2nd tv for around 119250/- with all cashbacks n offers being extra
  3. I visited VS store to buy between sony a9g/a8g n lg cx all 55 And i can assure you lg only looks good on paper due to hdmi 2.1 n 120hz 4k But sony's either model blows away lg completely. Cx was offered for 1.5L + free 32'tv + some lg app assured gift with min amount of 2k + 6k cash back + 17k extra for 5 years warranty complete without any haggles Bought a9g for 1.9L + 6k cashback + wireless headphones A8g was for 1.42L + 6k cashback n headphones
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