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  1. Me me me Main sote rehgya aur chidiya chug gyi khet main hogya phirse late.
  2. Cx kitne ka pada? Delhi ncr main tujhe 1.22 ka padega 55 wala and 1.85 65 wala. Ab shayad rate aur gur gye ho toh alag hai. But keep in mind Major AAA on 4k 120fps is not possible unless they make graphics too shiettty
  3. @koolkunz @kunjanp Can confirm even with miles morales ps5 disc. You cannot purchase the spiderman remastered version. Same error: content not found. Only way till sony fix this is to buy ultimate edition and redeem the code.
  4. They shipped ur ps5? Arre then dont cancel accept the package but only ps5 n return the game n dont pay cash simple
  5. Its a dlc code on ultimate edition for remastered version
  6. Try it 300 wont hurt. It ships from the same warehouse where ps5 is stored so it should work
  7. Those who still not added a game or accessory and is awaiting shipment. Order this to get ps5 shipped https://www.amazon.in/dp/B082P5L2C9/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_fabc_BXASBMSHRJ55AG7K4693?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1
  8. Guys add up big bash for 300 that might take your chances up for a cheaper price
  9. Get a 2.1 Honeywell instead cable is far more superior and is merely 300 bucks more
  10. So who all are remaining jiska ship nahi hua amazon se besides yeh teen pathe. @SkinTightTuna @Angad. @abhi1980
  11. Same ab bamnoli se seedha saket aana tha but bheja hi nahi aa. Fk toh for sure kal aayega. Waise do u know saket main ekart ka warehouse ya office kaha hai?
  12. Tumhara to status change ho gaya tha? Status change na hua tha Bus packing list accessible thi Sabse pehle maine hi idea diya tha bundle karne ka. Mera khud ka ship na hua baaki sabka hogya
  13. Mai bhi tension na ke Kal se bc packing main hi pada hai bkl bhej hi nhi rhe Still preparing for dispatch hi hai
  14. Yup same here I think it should get delivered today/tomorrow Tu maaro aayega
  15. Totally forgot, i tested with adding a dualsense today and maybe that may have worked for me. Try adding a game or accessory on amazon
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