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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain


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Examiner :- 1/5 (2/10)


Heavily criticised as a "scam" to launch in disguise of a separate game to lure in loyal fan-base & ripping them of $30 for simple demo that could have been given for free


He finished it in 25mins



Though I feel not for free.....but nothing more then $10-15 should hv been charged for this

It's definitely ripping the loyal base



Koji-god............turns evil

This is the tip of the iceberg in terms of ripping off.

Blizzard charges $20 for a Unicorn mount in Heroes of the Storm(Alpha) :rofl:

EA had micro-transactions in the cancelled C&C game's Alpha

Microtransactions in Forza 5

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People are saying this is best looking game on 360.


Also, 4 GB 360 owners can't play this game unless they have internal HDD. Stupid game checks for internal HDD to install mandatory game data, and unless internal HDD is there, it doesn't progress. A day 1 patch is needed.

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Finished in 1 hour 40 minutes. The ending was all sorts of dark. And weird. Tons of unlockables though. From recordings to side missions, lots!


lol I finished within an hour+.. playing stealth first.. and in 35 mins+ playing run and gun :P


Couple of Side missions unlocked.. Also the AI in the main mission at one point seemed dumb. .I ran past with a body on my shoulder past 2 guards and they didn't even notice.. :rofl:


Kojima very greedy beedy .. this shud have been put like a demo on the store..

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Is it worth buying for 1200Rs ?

If one is only a die hard mgs fan...


With side missions one can play for bit longer.. The main mission ply through will though end in a jiffy..


Also I think the gfx are on ps3/x360 level...i don't see any of ooh kinda gfx on nex gen.. My personal thoughts..

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Yeah, the screens I saw for ps3 were also too good, especially the ones which showed daytime. Fox Engine really rocks for ps360. I think, I will just buy it for my ps3 and save money for infamous. Was anyways going to buy Peace Walker, so that will come free as a bonus.



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