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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
blitzkreiig blitzkreiig 12/13/18 Super smooth transaction as always. Cheers! bowser bowser
PrashantMehra PrashantMehra 12/11/18 Trustworthy seller. Shipped within a couple of days. Items were packaged well. Banz Banz
Fir3lordZuk0 Fir3lordZuk0 12/11/18 Legit Serious Buyer | Pays quickly 🙂 Hotrider Hotrider
Hotrider Hotrider 12/11/18 Game was shipped within hours of payment. Very fast delivery. Game received in pristine condition. Thanks dude, looking forward for more deals with u. Fir3lordZuk0 Fir3lordZuk0
srajan srajan 12/10/18 Great seller. Fast shipping. Good packaging. codwapeace codwapeace
Jerush Jerush 12/08/18 Genuine buyer, Quick payment ++ Carboncores Carboncores
CarbonCore CarbonCore 12/07/18 Great seller. Fast shipping. Game in excellent condition Jerush Jerush
radicaldude radicaldude 12/05/18 Had fun meeting him... excellent guy straight to the point no hassle... loved dealing with him Stark007 Stark007
BLACK ANGEL BLACK ANGEL 12/05/18 Great seller. Fast shipping codwapeace codwapeace
Stark007 Stark007 12/04/18 Excellent guy, extremely friendly and a pleasure to deal with. A+ radicaldude radicaldude
RushabOswal RushabOswal 12/04/18 AAA Buyer. paid fast Ganesh Roy Ganesh Roy
Blueelvis_RoXXX Blueelvis_RoXXX 12/02/18 Super fast and smooth transaction. ALPHA17 ALPHA17
ALPHA17 ALPHA17 12/02/18 Excellent seller and friend. Never hesitates to answer endless questions... Blueelvis_RoXXX Blueelvis_RoXXX
radicaldude radicaldude 12/01/18 no problem.made payment on time.good communication. otaku.u otaku.u
jak3072 jak3072 11/30/18 excellent buyer. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak
Abdulah Abdulah 11/30/18 A+++ buyer, 1st time deal & very trustworthy. Highly recommended. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 11/30/18 Fast, humble and trusted seller. Would love dealing with him again. Abdulah Abdulah
radicaldude radicaldude 11/30/18 Awesome communication, trustworthy & a really cool guy. Highly recommended. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 11/30/18 Awesome guy. Extremely friendly, understanding and trustworthy. Will definitely deal again. A+, highly recommended. radicaldude radicaldude
Arjit55 Arjit55 11/29/18 Trusted seller selling at reasonable prices. Also returned the amount when the game was was mistaken to be some other. GunnerY2J GunnerY2J
batgalactico batgalactico 11/28/18 Good guy, will deal again. jak3072 jak3072
jak3072 jak3072 11/28/18 good seller batgalactico batgalactico
meuuks meuuks 11/28/18 good buyer.fast paymeent batgalactico batgalactico
Pshycho_TXC Pshycho_TXC 11/28/18 Excellent buyer. Hassle free dealing. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak
aashay aashay 11/28/18 Excellent buyer. Hassle free dealing. SRahulNayak SRahulNayak