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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Krazyniks Krazyniks 07/29/18 Top notch packaging...honest seller.. recommended.. thedarkrider thedarkrider
bowser bowser 07/28/18 Highly recommended :) suryavegeta12 suryavegeta12
bowser bowser 07/27/18 Got the games and console fast. good communication Avenging Viper Avenging Viper
SpearHea:D SpearHea:D 07/26/18 Good buyer. Hassle free trade and communication! -= L O L =- -= L O L =-
devesh38 devesh38 07/26/18 Good buyer prompt payment! Easy communication. Hassle free dealing! -= L O L =- -= L O L =-
KickAssGamer KickAssGamer 07/26/18 Awesome packaging and fast shipping. devesh38 devesh38
-= L O L =- -= L O L =- 07/25/18 Great guy and seller SpearHea:D SpearHea:D
devesh38 devesh38 07/25/18 Instant Payment. Excellent Communication. (10/10) KickAssGamer KickAssGamer
Krazyniks Krazyniks 07/24/18 Awesome seller.. Received game in good condition... Was very responsive and will definitely trade again.. Recommended a+++ rajprdp rajprdp
Eagle's Dead Eye Eagle's Dead Eye 07/24/18 Nice guy to deal with.. Recommended 👍 rajprdp rajprdp
Jerush Jerush 07/24/18 Genuine buyer. Quick payment. A+++ 202croc 202croc
Gavara Tarun Gavara Tarun 07/20/18 Great Buyer. Prompt payment. Easy commuinication A+++ 10/10 -= L O L =- -= L O L =-
Dark prince Dark prince 07/20/18 Game arrived on time and well packaged. Hassle free transaction. Prashuday Prashuday
-= L O L =- -= L O L =- 07/20/18 Good packaging and fast shipping devesh38 devesh38
joy.das.jd joy.das.jd 07/20/18 Fast shipping and good packaging devesh38 devesh38
Akkster Akkster 07/19/18 Amazing sell, will deal with him again. Nathan.Drake Nathan.Drake
devesh38 devesh38 07/19/18 Nice buyer. Good person to deal with. joy.das.jd joy.das.jd
droidevil droidevil 07/19/18 All went completely smooth joy.das.jd joy.das.jd
27 stoner 27 stoner 07/18/18 Great packing and the items were in excellent condition. Highly recommended! bowser bowser
argruid argruid 07/18/18 Great buyer. Hassle free transaction! bowser bowser
bowser bowser 07/18/18 Amazing seller with a lot of hard to find nintendo items. Great pricing, and quick shipping. Look forward to buying more from him in the future. argruid argruid
TonyMontana TonyMontana 07/17/18 Very good buyer, will deal with him again. Nathan.Drake Nathan.Drake
Nathan.Drake Nathan.Drake 07/17/18 Great guy to deal with...swift communication and shipping, packaged the game well. Would deal with him again A+++ TonyMontana TonyMontana
202croc 202croc 07/17/18 Great seller. Game in mint condition. Fast shipping. 10/10 Jerush Jerush
Vignesh R Vignesh R 07/17/18 Smooth deal! guri_jagat7 guri_jagat7