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  1. Forza Horizon 4

    So if this compared to the crew 2, which is better in terms of content n progression?
  2. The Giveaway Thread

    If you would dance, my pretty Count, I'll play the tune on my little guitar.. Ghost of Tsushima
  3. Cyberpunk 2077

    Well, we shouldn't jump to conclusions without seeing the actual gameplay. I personally don't like First Person RPG games but I'm willing to give this game a chance to prove itself. Also, I think its time we let go ourselves of the shadow of Witcher 3 and embrace something new.
  4. Nioh 2

    It released for PS4 in feb and for PC Nov last year so probably it'll be similiar for this as well.
  5. Warframe

    Releasing this week.
  6. Nioh 2

    Will surely come to PC as well i believe..Later.
  7. Death Stranding

    I absolutely have no idea what to expect from this.
  8. Forza Horizon 4

    Well, Game Pass is $10 per month n origin access is around $7 per month. Premier access is even pricier. I fell we end up paying more than we have to. I know there is an option to cancel them anytime but still..
  9. Forza Horizon 4

    If this will have a beta, I'll play that first. Didn't horizon 3 get boring after a while?
  10. Kingdom Hearts 3

    I wonder it'll ever show up on PC. Its the first on Xbox though.
  11. Destiny 2

    Didn't Destiny 1 have same DLC model as it is now. So why are people complaining that they have to pay again? Though Destiny redeemed itself (somewhat) with TTK. I don't know if destiny 2 is redeemable.
  12. Warframe

    New Upcoming Quest "The Sacrifice". Here's a short teaser.
  13. Ring of Elysium

    I believe Ragnarok Online used to use Garena Client. Back in the day...
  14. The CREW 2

    Traveled from New York to Las Vegas which took me 30 mins which is similar to The Crew which means that the scale of the map hasn't changed. Wish at least this time there was an option to play any songs from Spotify or Apple Music or add the songs that we wanna listen to but i don't think that'll happen which is sad. Forza Horizon does allow the option to access Groove Music (MS music service). Wish Ubi did something similar.
  15. The CREW 2

    So, played the beta for like an hr. It feels the same as the first one apart from the way the story progresses.