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  1. ^ Endo is a problem for beginners. Once you get mid-game you are set. Maxing out mods takes too many credits especially primed mods unless you can get hold of a legendary core.
  2. Rubico is good if you can get hold of a Riven Mod for it. Otherwise, it's pretty bad. Vectis is pretty good. I have the Prime version of it still have to forma it couple of times. Got hold of Soma Prime today. Have to start working on it. Are you playing on console or PC?
  3. ^ Tbh, Use the regular Hek with Scattered Justice Mod if you haven't used it. +200% multishot beats anything else. If you have reached Neptune, you can do The Index. It's good for credit farming. Play the low or medium risk one.
  4. Matchmaking for bounties is pretty much a mess at the moment. Hope it gets fixed soon. As far as running back to Cetus you can use the Archwing if one can afford the resources for it which I believe is getting a rework. As for the night time, if you are playing solo you can kill those Vomvalyst and gather Intact Sentient Core which increases your Quill Standing. They also drop some rare mods but of course, drop% is low.
  5. Yes, i have been playing it. As expected, too much load on the servers. Everyone has jumped on it.
  6. Hooked to Warframe for quite some time now.
  7. Remove your cell phone number. It isn't safe to post it online.
  8. Dang it !! even I missed it.
  9. Where in Bangalore and how comfortable is it for long hours.
  10. Hmm, will wait for a couple of days before I upgrade.
  11. You should play Warframe if you haven't yet, you will go crazy looking at cosmetics in that game. And tbh they are so good you'll feel worth spending on them.
  12. Has anyone downloaded ios 11 on iPhone 7? Any issues showed up like lagging or slowing down?