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  1. Warframe

    Grind. I only buy vaulted frames that too if I need them badly plus I've got parts for many vaulted frames just by playing. You absolutely do not need to pay for any frame/weapon/content.
  2. Warframe

    ^Got her already.
  3. Injustice 2

    Atom first appeared in 1961 and Antman in 1962. Do the math.
  4. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Is Mi A1 good since it's on google stock and not MiUI? Talking in terms of being future proof. Comparing this to Moto G5s plus, this one feels better. I have been a moto user previously and their phones tend to slow down after some time has passed plus heating issues. No idea how their newer phones fair.
  5. The Apple Thread

    Will animal crossing pocket camp ever release in India? I believe we are the second largest country to have a flourishing cellphone market and still, we do not get many games for our region.
  6. The Mobile Phone Thread

    I was checking the same phone out. Btw is the phone good?
  7. The Mobile Phone Thread

    Looking to buy a phone for my Mom. Budget is around 10-11k can extend a bit. Its for normal usage. Just some games like candy crush, regular WhatsApp usage etc. Phone screen size can be from 4.7-5". Any suggestions? Also, not interested in OPPO, Vivo so something other than those.
  8. Okami HD

    There are other sources to buy from like Humble Bundle.
  9. Warframe

    It's called a Sentinel. It acts as a companion. As you progress through the game, you'll get access to one to craft. And later on, you can craft many others.
  10. Injustice 2

    4,999 for the Ultimate Edition... Definitely a sale purchase.
  11. Limited release thread: let's get "physical"

    Cause there is nothing physical going on there except what it always meant . Haven't you heard this song?
  12. Limited release thread: let's get "physical"

    I'll just leave this here. Slightly NSFW
  13. Warframe

    It happens sometimes but the speed should pick up soon. One other advice is never take a backup of this game cause there is no data stored on your drive. Everything is server side. If you try to take a backup, it'll fail and will start downloading the entire game again.
  14. Warframe

    Increasing MR is a slow process and will take time. Levelling Warframes, companions etc to level 30 gives you 6000 MR points Levelling Weapons, Sentinels etc to level 30 gives you 3000 MR points Clearing a node gives you around 60 MR points and clearing the junction gives you 1000 MR points. You can check your profile how much you need to move to next rank. One other thing, if you have access to Twitch Prime, you can get Frost Prime, Soma Prime, and Scindo Prime. All you got to do link your warframe account to Twitch and also have a subscription to Twitch Prime.
  15. Warframe

    Not to forget Forma. One should grab as much as they can early game. And i have a feeling he is playing on the PS4.