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  1. It's just same old missions with modifiers. It is just like Nightfall in Destiny.
  2. Gilly not Ginny..GoT not Harry Potter
  3. Too many bombs were dropped in this episode. Gilly dropped the biggest one.
  4. Well, this game is made by diablo 2 devs so, the similarities.
  5. What an episode it was.. Jaime must have shat in his pants...
  6. And, what is the reason?
  7. Does RGB serve any purpose apart from looking flashy? My budget is around 5-7K. Also, is HyperX alloy officially available in India? CherryMX Blue...Isn't that too noisy? Anyways, i don't mind spending a bit more than what it costs.
  8. Looking for a good mechanical gaming keyboard. Any suggestions? How is Logitech g413?
  9. Here's the thing. If you want to trade items, you need to be at the trading post in a dojo. To get into a dojo, you either need to be in a clan or make your own clan and upgrade it. In the in-game chat, you can see people would have posted their WTB/WTS listing. The chat goes too fast so it isn't visible. What you can do is visit the site mentioned below. Warframe.Market You can search for any item that you are looking to buy or sell, its price etc. If you are looking for a beginner's guide, you can check out this person's channel. As for anything else, you can visit, Warframe Wiki The items that you can trade are mods, void relics, Weapons (Blueprints, Parts), Warframe (Blueprints, Parts), Warframe Helmets (Cosmetic) . For the rest, you have to buy plat to acquire the items.
  10. No, they aren't can buy those packs which contain some plat n other items. If you want to buy just plat, official store is only place. Or else, you can trade items and get plat.
  11. You'll be getting an open world area by mid-September. For Rhino parts, you have to farm Jackal boss in Fossa, Venus. As for the warframe BP itself, you can buy it from the market for 35,000 credits. Also, after Rhino, get Frost. He is helpful in later part of the game. You might have to grind the Jackal a bit to get parts. The percentages for Neuroptics, Chassis, and Systems is 38.72%, 38.72% and 22.56% resp.
  12. It seems at this point their audience is just kids.
  13. Ya, Jamie got a release after a long time
  14. I have the same feeling what he has regarding this game. I have half my mind of not buying Destiny 2 and spending money on this.
  15. Here's an overview.