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  1. The Cricket Thread

    What did they do? i read somewhere else as well.. but no one is writing what they actually did...
  2. The TV Decision Making thread

    lol how drunk were you?
  3. The Football Thread

    hehehe 2-0 up
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    It took over the IMAX screenings in Delhi NCR... missed watching black panther in IMAX... Anyway, will be seeing it soon...
  5. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    where can i watch it?
  6. The Tennis Thread

    Absolute Legend!
  7. The Football Thread

    I saw the match. ManC got trolled big time. hahahha.... What a nervous end. ahahhhaha Throughout the 2nd half, it seemed like City had more players on the pitch instead of Wigan.
  8. The Cricket Thread

    Almost 500 runs made in less than 40 overs. LOLMAX.. hahhaa
  9. The Cricket Thread

    what a lifeline.. phew... Anyway, kya ghatiya run outs ho gaye.
  10. The Cricket Thread

    what was the over limit per bowler?
  11. The Cricket Thread

    It's a 28-overs chase with a target of 202. I guess need to take all 10 wickets to win this one...
  12. The Cricket Thread

    lol they are not even breaking for lunch. haha
  13. FIFA 18

    I had tried doing it multiple times, but to no avail.. Also, i faced another issue in career mode. When i do advance in it, sometimes it keeps hanging on a particular day.
  14. FIFA 18

    I have this issue since day 1 in the normal online friendlies seasons... Never able to invite anyone. But, i am able to join/accept other's invites.
  15. The Football Thread

    lol.... Wenger out sign in crowd in India test match... hahhaha. What position will Sanchez play at Utd?