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  1. Just FYI, Only component that expires is the money you get under Gift and credits. The money you add yourself does not expire as far as i know.
  2. Did you complete it yet? Do you have the shadow weaver armor outfit? That makes it quite simple. First take out the 4 guns using tearblaster arrows(load up 3 of them if you have the skill). Once they are off, try to grab them if possible, otherwise, use fire arrows on it and when it eventually reveals its weak points, hit them with hardpoint arrows. You can also try using the shadow blast sling on the deathbringer and spam the blast bombs. Completed the game today and got platinum as well.. I really liked the story as well. About the DLC, i have disc from region 2, will buying the dlc from US PSN work?
  3. 118 is the chosen number or what? Someone please get Manjeraker out of the BCCI commentary team.. X(
  4. Bubble boy.
  5. I bought all the shadow weapons already and i haven't even tried the Maker's end mission... I am more confident in taking on the big machines now.. Also, having a heavy weapon like firespitter, ravager gun, etc, makes the big machines look like chumps.
  6. I went to this place just yesterday in the game and was thinking to myself what is behind the closed/blocked gate. hehe
  7. hahaha.. I am not interested in that game, so i am fine with that. I had pre-ordered this on flipkart already, but canceled it, since they botched the fifa 18 delivery.
  8. This time, the deal is you need to shop for 250 or more to get cashback (upto 450). So, if you already have money in it, no need to add.
  9. Too many videos.... ugghh!
  10. I was going up north in the center of the map for a mission.... Killed the stormbird up there thrice using a Ravager gun and Firespitter... Went back to Meridien to hunter's lodge to start next mission and found out that i have to get a stormbird trophy. wtf. I was running up to north-west of the map, and engaged the behemoths.... Goddamn! That was a mean machine.. Thunderjaw, Rockbreaker and Deathbringer left to defeat from all the machines now.. the first two seem very difficult to take down.. Both got hold of me once and killed me off in like 10 seconds... Don't know how the deathbringer is, as till now haven't encountered it, only heard about it in missions. I have wasted so much time just exploring... I think my playtime has already crossed 50 hours and i haven't even finished Maker's end mission. Completed my first bandit camp without alerting the enemy at all. Complete stealth mode, It was fun to do it this way. Double arrows helped a lot
  11. But now indeed it is coming out of stock... So there is something wrong for sure as clearly they didn't get enough copies. 2-3 days after launch, game goes out of stock. SMH.... Anyway, fingers crossed for a lightning deal in the amazon sale.
  12. 2 of my friends who ordered from amazon on Monday, already got the game today. So don't know how accurate is the info in the article.
  13. 2 months long at that, i think. Anyway, when is India traveling overseas for a series? It would be a delight to see the team in it with the current form they are in. hehe... Hopefully Virat gets back on track soon. :|
  14. huh? My cousin ordered from amazon and his is already shipped. It was in stock this morning with next day delivery, but now, it is out of stock and in stock date is coming as 5th. Anyway, since i still don't have the game, i will wait for the amazon sale to start and hopefully there is a lightning deal on it like last time. I remember i got fifa17 for 3k in the sale last year.
  15. Flipkart still didn't ship the game... It was supposed to be delivered yesterday. Canceled my order there now.. I will order from amazon once sale starts tonight. Will use Amazon pay balance offer. will get 450 off and it is priced at 3699 as of now. Anyone know if it is coming in lightning deal in sale?