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  1. will they accidentally leak/air the final episode as well? :|
  2. Henningsvær Stadion in Henningsvær, Norway! 😯😯 https://goo.gl/maps/cdv4a5yLmi92
  3. Which Channel will air tonight's match? Edit: Sony Ten2.
  4. Quite recently, i brought a PS4 OG (i took this with me when i went) and a PS4 Pro with me from Europe. OG was in my laptop bag, and the pro was kept in its box and packed in my checkin luggage. So customs is not a huge issue. I have never faced any issues with them. Both of them were wrapped in the big bath towel for protection and packed in such a way that they had no room to move unless the bags are opened. The best and ideal way would be to take the PS4 out of the box, keep in a bubble wrap and then wrap it in a towel and bring it along in laptop bag or cabin luggage. This way, the person can put some of their stuff inside the ps4 box and it would not take too much effective space in the checkin luggage. Keep in mind, that a bag-pack gets really heavy with the PS4, a laptop and other stuff in it.
  5. Thank you... If possible, please keep this spoiler thread spoiler free for future episodes.
  6. bhai choti ungli abhi to aur ungli karne wala hai from the looks of it.... hahaha
  7. bhai... subhe jaldi uthke dekh ke jaya karo office/college.
  8. Hey man.. why are you visiting this thread before watching the episode....
  9. Bran is such a perv.... .:P
  10. http://fifaworldcup18.xyz/utd watching it on this..
  11. I just ordered a 35 FT HDMI bluerigger cable from amazon for my desktop... I think it should work fine.
  12. Not exactly true anymore buddy... It's start to matter over distance..... Also, with the new versions (1.3,1.4,etc) also, it might make a difference. Not all will be able to support ethernet, 4k, etc, i think. I got some cables with quite a good length (for ex 15 feet sorts), some of them stopped working pretty quickly. Amazon Basic cables do quite nicely in this regard. I also got USB 3.0 extension cables. Ordered several of them and none of them worked, finally bought one from amazon basic which works flawlessly.
  13. Ok thanks Joe Cool... jug jug jiyo!
  14. in-check as in? in-game? will it work if i play using different account?