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  1. Movie Discussion Thread

    Maybe both, not sure!
  2. Movie Discussion Thread

    I don't want to piss anyone off or bait anyone... I went to watch Thor last week and slept off somewhere during last part of the movie... Will have to watch it again, I have no idea what happened in the end... :|
  3. Movie Discussion Thread

    Yeah man.... Siachen mein hamare jawaan khare hai.... hahahhaha bhai aap bahut hi patriotic ho...
  4. Movie Discussion Thread

    hahahaha... i feel you bro.... Have fallen in this trap a couple of times.... The other thing now is that they put in the national anthem... You get to the theatre early (after office in the evening) and buy all the munchies to eat , Food on my lap and with a mouthful of food, on it comes... hahahaha....
  5. The Cricket Thread

    First 100 - 115 balls Second 100 - 36 balls 153 balls, 13 fours, 12 sixes. total 208
  6. IVG community upgrade and changes

    could be by mistake, i am saying it is probable.... liked it and un-liked the post. so if you got a notification, then you have your answer. Otherwise, could be some bug...
  7. IVG community upgrade and changes

    could be that the person un-liked it after, but the notification did not get deleted.
  8. The Football Thread

    hahaa super strike.....
  9. The Football Thread

    I feel sometimes they just keep playing long balls and wish that a team mate gets to it... Even though they are still at 2, It looks very fragile. This month will be very testing for the team. They have 2 matches every week i think.
  10. Movie Discussion Thread

    still haven't watched Thor or JL.. I wanted to watch them in IMAX, thor i think, is already removed...
  11. The Football Thread

    Is it me or is ManUtd a very lazy team.... I feel they just don't move enough... I think they would have run the least as a unit in comparison to other teams. Do they record this stat?
  12. The Android Thread

    Where can i buy the original charger for the Moto G5 plus?
  13. The Cricket Thread

    Because, for some reason, India is not willing to adopt two timezones. :| The Eastern part of the country should be 30 mins ahead.
  14. Assassin's Creed: Origins

    Hello, The gold edition of the game is going for 70$, deluxe 49 and std 42 on US PSN store. Is getting gold edition worth the extra 21 bucks?
  15. Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

    will there be black Friday deals on the US PS store?