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  1. hahahahahhaha
  2. No clue buddy... I think it would be a joke, but you never know with Sehwag. hahah And that is one of the problems i would have, imho, to have him as head coach..... Also, i hope this defeat makes some people including Sehwag realize faaltu bade bol na bola kare... These guys put undue pressure on the team. It is highly surprising that Ex-cricketers are doing this... I thought they would be better than us fans in this regard...
  3. I don't have much opinion on Sehwag, but i don't think all great players can become great head coaches... :|
  4. that dev forums link is a mirror? I browsed it yesterday, and see that it does not have a lot of posts.... even your own post was missing there about this link. haha... Also, i did not experience any 500 pages on that link. Speed was good enough. I don't think i made any posts though, so can't comment on that yet.
  5. I know flashing is pretty straight forward.. the hard part is finding a good stable custom Rom which i like.... hahah Also, may do it once warranty runs out.
  6. I tried custom ROMs on my first android phone... HTC desire S.... It is too much work.... to look for stable builds and all...
  7. Edit: hahah... 500 got me again..
  8. I have been using the oneplus 3 and i have to say this, i am not entirely happy with the phone's software. i have a lot of issues with connectivity and battery drains. Their SW updates are unreliable.Thankfully, i have not had to get the phone serviced till now, so can't comment on OP's after sales service. I don't think i would go for another one of the small(new/Chinese) company phones. :| I would probably go back to Samsung..
  9. Exactly what i was thinking when all the people were cribbing about sigs... I have had them turned off for quite a long time... I thought everyone knew about this. :|
  10. hahaha... the 500 got me to double post...
  11. I can't see any signatures... Although, i could not see them even before the upgrade....
  12. Fuccccccccckkkkkkkkk!
  13. Super batting by Pandya... those frickin 6s.. what shots... Created a record as well.
  14. hope Pandya gets a 100 now... he is putting up a good show...
  15. 100 cross jaye kisi tarah ab to... :|