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  1. I also want one....a brother I mean!!! jk Congratulations!!!
  2. Looking for PS4 games...check my WTB thread!! 

  3. I recently read the Wolf of Wall Street by Jordan Belfort. It was f**kin hilarious! Definitely funnier than the movie. See if you can get your hands on it.
  4. Couldn't agree more! That chap is really annoying!!
  5. Some old ones from the vault....TGIF
  6. I have the entire ducktales, talespin and avengers on a hard drive...he quite likes Asterix too (books more than the show)! Thank you for the recommendations @Playstationdude
  7. Just started watching Tyrant....S01E01, the premise looks interesting. Anyone else here watches this show? What do you think?
  8. He watches that sometimes! We haven't had broadcast television (cable/DTH) for years now. So, these recommendations sure help! Will check out Eureka and Warehouse 13. Thanks buddy! Agree...I've watched a few explicit violence / gore and the language isn't flowery either Yep, he likes Doctor Who! Books and the show
  9. Cool, we'll check these out...any non-comic recommendations?
  10. From 100/1 to 190/4 in 40 overs! Again! Bhajji made a valid point
  11. Interesting! Would you have any recommendations for a 9-year old boy? He loves adventure (like 9 year olds do ), enjoys watching stuff like Leverage and Scorpion.
  12. Yeah @HEMAN, set it all up this morning, still need to tie-up the loose ends (literally!)
  13. Thanks @Black_Hawk...guess will hang here more often now..feels good to be back
  14. Getting back to gaming after 7 yrs Bought the PS4 Slim and Sanyo 43" Smart TV