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  1. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Dirk Gently season 2 coming to Netflix 5th Jan.
  2. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Black Mirror Season 4 - 29th Dec.
  3. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Stranger things officially renewed for season 3.
  4. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    12 deals of Christmas starts on psn.
  5. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Godless and Alias Grace are brilliant. Mindhunter is very good too.
  6. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    Godless getting rave reviews, let's start this tonight
  7. Ratchet & Clank PS4

    Is one on the cards? Can't wait if it happens.
  8. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Just hope Sony goes for full backward compatibility next generation, won't mind if they launch PS5 in 2019 then.
  9. Streaming Services thread

    Heard Hotstar has been added on Android TV (with 1080p), can't wait to get home. Hopefully it's not buggy.
  10. Airtel just bumped my FUP from 500 gb to 2TB, not sure if its only for one month or permanent. Anyone else?
  11. Hppy Diwali

    Delhi's air still feels burnt. And the crackers are still on.
  12. ~The TV Shows Thread~

    It was Netflix's highest rated show for a long time and rightfully so.
  13. The PS4 & Xbox One Thread - Part 2

    Whoa, that will be awesome. Really miss Rayman.
  14. Movie Discussion Thread

    It is still Villeneuve and Gosling's best return by some margin.
  15. How Important is it to have a good upbringing?

    I think you are underestimating the role of television in the upbringing of children Dr. Nanda. Attention from parents is not required at all. A PS4 and a good TV is all that's needed.