Logitech G Free2Play returns to Bangalore with Rs 1.5 lakh cash prize

LAN tournaments will be conducted around Counter-strike 1.6, Counter-strike: Global Offensive, DoTA 2, League of Legends, and Call of Duty: Ghosts.

IVG GOTY 2009: Most Disappointing Game

There are games that delight us and there are games that are so bad that they make us want to throw the controller out of the window (hopefully, with a magical lock-on device which makes it zero in and bounce from head to head of the development team). Then there are games that disappoint. They don’t necessarily have to be bad, but while playing them one can’t help but feel that the developers dropped the proverbial wall somewhere along the line.

IVG Offer: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 – the biggest game of the year, is just a month away and not having an IVG offer for it just wouldn’t be right. So we’ve tied up with Worldwide CD ROMs, Activision’s Indian distributors, to get IVG members a special offer on the game. Along with each copy […]

GOTY Winners: Best Multi-platform Game

Critics will tell you that Call of Duty: World at War‘s single player campaign was inconsistent and the multiplayer was an inferior version of Call of Duty 4. Fans will tell you the single player was breathtakingly intense and multiplayer sublimely balanced. What both will agree upon is that Treyarch finally delivered a game that […]

This Christmas at Blur, Duty Calls!

IndianVideoGamer members know all about Blur, the jaw-droppingly awesome gaming lounge in Chennai. If the scores of consoles and arcades, top-of-the line gaming PCs, FPS vests, and low prices weren’t enough reason to drop everything and head to Blur, here’s one more reason. This Christmas, Blur will play host to a Call of Duty 4: […]

Gears 2, COD lead IVG Game of the Year 2008 nominees

After hectic back and forth discussions over the past few weeks, the IndianVideoGamer staff has finally arrived at the final list of nominees for the 20 categories in the IndianVideoGamer Game of the Year 2008. And heading the list of nominees are Gears of War 2, sequel to the massively successful Xbox 360 breakthrough hit, […]