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  1. Have downloaded it on the Kindle..will read it after finishing the current book..
  2. Madmage


    Running a hospital is pretty tough business. Loads of expenses which are not visible to us.
  3. Could you suggest what kind of GN you are interested in, maybe then we can give better suggestions. But some of the more popular must reads are Y the lastman Sandman Criminal.by brubaker V for Vendetta 100 bullets Preacher And quite a few
  4. There this small chain of restaurants called tapri...
  5. Well, you could try traditional wet shaving if you aren't already. Its a whole new world, fantastic clean shave and better for your skin too.
  6. Nothing beats a Kindle man...my fave gadget of the last 15 years hands down..
  7. I almost gave up on you after you said you still loved the LOTR movies,. But you pulled me right back in
  8. Well you do get a killer misal pav..makes up for everything else in life
  9. I assume you are asking about the HDFC diners card..it's a great card with unlimited lounge access and awesome 10x reward points. Only con would be that it many stores do not.acvelt this card in india
  10. Hard boiled wonderland was my fave murukami.. Umberto eco .tried reading Foucault pendulum while in college.. was way too complicated
  11. Lol.. my entertainment for the day.. keep the light strong brother.. No wait. Anna.
  12. Would the code work for a Xbox account I mean pass plus ultimate upgrade?
  13. The boys show hold its own.. I would recommend you guys read the comics..they are more insane
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