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  1. great campaign.. weapons are fantastic and grappleshot is fun
  2. I picked up the console today morning for 53k, he gave me WWE2K and GT7 discs.. I would have waited for a month or so to pickup the new console when stock arrives, but just few days back bough PS Plus Extra one year sub which came just for 3k.. hence I dont want to waste few days or months out of the subscription.
  3. thanks but where is the console available for 59k in India? none of the stores or online sites have the stock..
  4. hey guys, quick suggestion on buying a used PS5 one of my friend is selling his 4 months old PS5 disc version and asking price is 53k comes with Bill & Box and GT7 disc... is it worth buying the same
  5. nice to see the forum back online what happened ? just curious
  6. Thanks @TRMNTR & @Bird Bird Bird just bought both the games.. Also one quick off topic query about Steam store, my main Account was on US store from year or so, I had changed to US store to purchase a Steam Deck. I now changed back to India store today and bought few games since the pricing is much better. so now, I have plans to buy another Steam deck in Jan month and would I be able to switch back to US store without any ban ? or is it better to create a new Steam US account ?
  7. both Part 1 & 2 available for around 500 on steam, is it worth buying ? Edit - There is a demo available for part 2, will give that a try.
  8. thats ridiculous pricing.. I am getting two Steam deck in Dec 4th week(256gb version), currently using a 512gb deck (64gb base model converted to 512gb ssd) might put one for sale here on IVG..
  9. Just completed "Stray" what lovely simple game, absolutely loved it even more special is, this was the first game I completed on my SteamDeck.
  10. Placed order from Steam US account, shipped it to a friends address in the US and he got it to India few days back. There are few guys selling it on Olx but for crazy price..
  11. The handheld beast is here finally after 45 days wait now time to upgrade to 512gb SSD.. had sourced one for 3.5k
  12. guys when is the next big discount sale on Steam ? need to pickup few Indie games before my Steam deck arrives in 10 days.
  13. Guys watch Kannada movie Kantara, its fantastic...
  14. Now the wait begins hopefully ill have it in my hand by end of Oct or Nov 1st week.
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