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  1. Done with Ozark final season part 2, sort of disappointed with the ending nevertheless great show. the final season could have easily been finished under 10 episodes...
  2. exactly the same feeling, just few days back finished the campaign (my first ever Halo game) and absolutely loved it, it was damn fun. will be installing the Halo Master Chief edition to try out previous Halo games.
  3. always wanted to buy one of these kits.. finally have it
  4. Halo Infinite Campaign - Final level Desperados 3 - started yesterday DeathsDoor - next in line
  5. Outlook

    Hitman 3

    wait until u play the Berlin mission, one of the best mission and location after Sapienza
  6. thank you all, appreciate it will be starting with Halo CE once I finish Halo Infinite
  7. Outlook

    God of War

    Watched my friend play GOW today on his few years old PC with 1660ti, must say the game is optimized very well, on High settings game averages around 55fps which is very good for an old GPU
  8. Never had played a Halo game before, I owned an Xbox 360 & also Xbox one but Halo never got me interested, had always skipped this game read lot of positive aspects about Halo Infinite (both SP & MP) and since it was available on GP went ahead and installed the game couple of days back and what a fun ride it has been so far, absolutely loving the game, great weapons and fantastic boss fights and oh yes I love the Grappleshot, cant wait to finish the campaign and move to MP. Any other previous Halo Single player campaign u guys recommend to try or must play ?
  9. After reading all the reviews in this thread, just installed the game thanks to Gamepass.. haven't played the first game hopefully I will enjoy the experience
  10. Hitman 3 (earlier had played few locations in Hitman 1 and never could understand how to approach this game to complete all the Challenges/assassination's apart from following few Mission stories, hence had to follow few guides on YouTube) I have now understood how this game needs to be played without any guides/help and I am absolutely enjoying the experience so far, currently playing the Berlin location and it is one of the best mission/location in Hitman series.
  11. https://www.theverge.com/2021/12/30/22860657/tomb-raider-reboot-trilogy-free-epic-games-store-pc
  12. Outlook

    Hitman 3

    Guys quick clarification... I have purchased Hitman 3 for PC via Epic Games and now steam has some good deals for Hitman 1 & 2 and If I purchase from Steam will I be able to sync my Hitman profile so that game progression are carried over and all locations are unlocked in one single game
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