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Pushy's Feedback

  1. kishan left Positive feedback   

    wow very understanding and cool guy to deal with

    Pushy was The Buyer

  2. Swayam left Positive feedback   

    Great Communication, Quick Response, Same day pickup.

    Pushy was The Buyer

  3. ACIDICBRAT left Positive feedback   

    Amazin ;)

    Pushy was The Buyer

  4. _Batman_ left Positive feedback   

    Super guy to deal with. Great packing. A++

    Pushy was The Seller

  5. Nightcrawler left Positive feedback   

    Execllent Buyer swift trading no hassels

    Pushy was The Buyer

  6. nightmare left Positive feedback   

    Very nice guy, shipped the game before payment coz it was urgent!! Excellent packing :) will deal anytime with him, 11/10!!!

    Pushy was The Seller

  7. Imrahn left Positive feedback   

    Brilliant guy.....was lightning fast, awesomely communicative and really friendly.

    Pushy was The Seller

  8. MAK left Positive feedback   

    Great Buyer Prompt Payment Will Deal Again.A+

    Pushy was The Buyer

  9. gamesquare left Positive feedback   

    Nicely packed, fast delivery

    Pushy was The Seller

  10. shaiTaaNi billi left Positive feedback   

    it was a hassel free trade, nice guy to deal with

    Pushy was The Seller

  11. Fire Wolf left Positive feedback   

    Good deal, immediate delivery.

    Pushy was The Seller

  12. Harsahil left Positive feedback   

    really cool guy and a good friend. even gave me the free poster along with the game that he said earlier that he won't ship. and also gave me a cap free. the whole package was sent on time and received in good condition.

    Pushy was The Seller

  13. HundredProofSam left Positive feedback   

    Whined a bit after game's delay, but overall no hassles, paid in time

    Pushy was The Buyer

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