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  1. Why where you even carrying an abomination of an console in your BACKPACK on your MOTORCYCLE ? No the most important thing here is he was caring a ps5 in a god damn backpack bruh
  2. Games with code voucher bullshit should be banned. Whats the point of getting the disc if its "NOT ON THE DISC" Means mine will die soon , wtf?
  3. Probably imported. also trash collectors edition, that gimmick wand can be bought on ali express.
  4. Are bhai this is classic “Khud ke pair pe hathodi marna”. whoever green signaled the series s needs to relook their choices.
  5. When did bhogale bhai became so boring?
  6. No, they shipped rangarork discs late, they are reliable sure but not on time @0verlord History ? Yes . Now i found them the best after GTS. ships game on time 10% discount on pre orders + you can get more 5% if you have Cashback CC From SBI. Ordered multiple games for multiple people, its been smooth for me.
  7. e2z also has it. dont order from m2x
  8. Dont sleep on any of this. Fantastic games. Esp returnal hard at the start but once you get the hang, its one of the best shooter.
  9. II Meaning maybe feb?
  10. A little off topic but the whole truth protien bar are one of the best and cleanest protien bar's i have had. Tastes awesome and no added sugar (No artifical ones too). Fantastidc product do give'em a try.
  11. Pata tha sale mujhe Juth bolta he ! Same to you and your family bhai Thank you for the amazing gifts
  12. 10k + Gst, you do get a tata cliq voucher of 10k (currently this is the offer might change) so basically you'll pay 1800 and whatever monetary value you loose on the voucher.
  13. Yo santa this art book is Mental!! Freaking Sick! Fantastic start to a year REVEAL YOURSELF
  14. Ltf he why not? Multiple offers on swiggy and will be on other wesbites too.
  15. Never played any hp games did not watch most of the movies. Still will get this to see if i like it.
  16. Currently in savings account only. Tried looking up for liquidbees did not understand much. Those who apply for mama earth are bound to loose money in the markes. for me its as obscene as paytm XD
  17. do you have any CC's ? Most CC's have Gyftr portals where you can get sony liv for good discounts. Also i have an offer from times prime. 6 months of sonyliv for 99, dm me if you want it , will help you out.
  18. Aur ek mast direct throw marega and stay in team for next tourney.
  19. Wanted to know the same, Liquidated 30% of PF, need to know best way to park. Also who all applying for MAMAEARTH ipo?
  20. are sab chodo ye BKL rahul hi hoga keeper. Keeps getting kuch na kuch bahana to stay in the team.
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