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  1. Same will still give it a go on physical release.
  2. Whats your Highscore?
  3. Boys need some help. So I bought some muthoot bonds that expired on 8 of this month 1 months back. The amount I invested was 9865 and I was supposed to get 10,000 on the bonds automatic redemption Now that redemption has happened I got 9500 only in my bank account. Cannot see where the 500 went and did not get any kind of email communication from either muthoot or Paytm Money. What must have happened?
  4. Anybody managed to get Tickets to the Finals ? Have extras?
  5. 2023- One of the best years in gaming , will banger single party titles raking in $$$$$ Companies - Yes lets increase focus on GaaS which are dying . Avengers , Gotham Knights , I think saints row ? How do they not see this XD
  6. Would'nt be surprised one bit
  7. The story there was / is unbeatable. Sadly they made a joke of majima after that
  8. 30% is max for nintendo and they dont go there . Also sony games are 50% in the second year (Im not saying its a bad thing)
  9. 100% , Sony's strong game is SP Games.. I mean one two live service as expements is nice , but going all in is
  10. 100% not touching Suicide Squad on launch day if it has even 10% Of GaaS elements. Sole reasons skipped avengers and Gotham Knights
  11. I just never understood this. No slower ones too , you are just giving him the ball where he wants it.
  12. Looks chod bhai , plays soo good that i still play it time to time when im bored (The tower of syyphis or whaterever its called) The gunplay , sound and hapticks works soooo good together. Banger game bro
  13. Unreal buy this guy. Played with a single leg. But also bad bad bowling from afganistan. Everything was at his legs, no wide Yorkers, slower ones nothing
  14. Sad part is angelo mathwes asked / requested him to withdrew he did not . Also umpires be BKL he it was equipment failure, aise hi khelke lag jata toh? No wonder people never found love for bangladesh , faltu ke shenanigans.
  15. Nah man , this year its just too tough to decide. Jedi Star Wars Spiderman 2 FF16 Armored Core VI Lies of P And im yet to play Alan Wake 2 Baldurs Gate 3 Just Insanse
  16. @bharat_SS Would like to change this to - Afghanistan v Australia Match = 1-0 50s = 3-2 If thats allowed Thanks
  17. Serial numbers don't match, plastic is flimsy and case is not aligned properly
  18. Currently using Pixel, found Ios to be smoother and less buggy . Pixel is less buggier than most androids still below Ios. FaceID is miles above infingerprint scanner . The new automations in Ios is fantastic (Similar can be done in android but not natively). As i said again its ios vs android in the end. If you like freeness of android go with 23+ Ultra , banger phone. Il sadly be switching back to iOs next year, unless android comes with sub 6 inch phones
  19. Bro predicted the future. He did not get the legit ite.
  20. Debate ends at Android or iOS. After using both in last 2 years, il go with iOS.
  21. Another movie Thats gonna bomb next is Miss Marvels.
  22. BG3 was also being sold by that tanveer guy if i remember correctly.
  23. fooken zerodha is down since an hour
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