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  1. The most comfortable headset I've used. No heating up or reddening. Personally haven't used them for calls much, it's mostly fine only. Only thing I'll point out is if you wear glasses then it messes with the padding and gets slightly irritating for longer use. But that applies to most headsets I guess.
  2. 100% this. Move to a more secure & stable bank. These smaller banks are getting shuttered left and right these days. With net banking and all you don't even need to visit the branch anymore so not necessary that it needs to be in the vicinity
  3. All the entertaining baiters have left / gotten booted from the building. 🥱
  4. Live as in? Can anyone do co-op in campaign now?
  5. I think I played against you the other day
  6. Looks like a combination of Xbox Rewards & Steam's trading card / gamification. Hope it launches in India too, the Xbox Rewards program is US / EU only afaik
  7. Was wondering whom he was replying to too
  8. Picked up Halo again after about 3-4 months. It's pretty fun to play in bursts man. And the new skin unlocks & season pass look decently stacked too. Hoping to do some scam bois sessions in it during the coming week
  9. I'm recentering my chakras after getting whooped in Farum Azula. Next long weekend will be a marathon to the end 😶
  10. Flight simulator is occupying all of my time these days
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