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  1. Yeah man long time since I even opened IVG! Saw the FB post and came here! Hope all is fine with you! Anyway, if anyone wants some practice them I'm here! PSN ID is T0P-N0TCH-PLAYER (zero in both places instead of O)
  2. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    Completely agree with this! I miss the good old Gnasher battles. Somehow getting kills with Lancer in Gears MP isn't satisfying. Gears has been all about close range shooting and power weapons like torque bow, boomshot, flamethrower (damn I miss this weapon), etc. 7 maps is also very surprising. I was hoping more maps would have released by now. Let's see if they bring in more maps...
  3. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    Finally finished the campaign yesterday! The last act was really intense and loved the cinematics. I was playing on Xbox One S and faced some frame rate drops in the final act. Does anyone here still play the multiplayer?
  4. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    I'll also be there!
  5. Thanks for the update! Okay, so switching back to Airtel broadband for gaming then !
  6. Yeah, I have NAT 2 on PS4, so no issues there. But on Xbox One its Strict NAT
  7. I just got JIO Giga Fiber and connected it with my Xbox One. No matter what I do (Port Forwarding / DMZ), it always shows as Strict NAT. Any other Jio Giga Fiber users experiencing the same issue?
  8. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    Haha that's good enough ! Let's add each other up! @GameAnalyzer what's your XBL Gamer ID?
  9. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    Great! Hoping to get a good IVG crowd then for this game! Super excited!
  10. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    Noob question... can PC gamers play against Xbox One players? 😆
  11. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    Haha Umang has disappeared lol ! Anyway, hope we get a good squad of IVG members. Looks like the Xbox scene here is still dead...
  12. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    Great, been a while man! Adding you up !
  13. Man In The Box

    Gears 5

    Will this game be available for Game Pass users? And who all from IVG will be playing this game? I'll add you guys up!
  14. Please delete this thread. It got posted twice, maybe server issues.
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