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  1. USA dominated the first half ! Weston Mckennie and Musah are bossing the midfield so far. I have a feeling we are looking at another upset here!
  2. Can't wait to join you guys! Did not feel like starting Halo: Infinite on Xbox One S, so was patiently waiting! Now very excited to try the campaign and MP with latest graphics! Forza Horizon 5 is also going to be amazing!
  3. Thank you! I finally got the Series X, thanks to this link !!!
  4. If I get this game on Xbox One S, can I play with my friend who is using Xbox Series X?
  5. Those were fun times! Looking forward to joining on Halo soon !
  6. Sold out within 1 minute of your post Over 3 months of trying and every time the same story
  7. Lucky! I was waiting at ShopAtSc and then after waiting for 20 seconds I clicked on the standard edition.... but was too late
  8. The digital edition never went on sale at ShopatSC. Missed out again on getting the console
  9. Guys, any idea when the next stock of Series X will be coming to India? It's not available anywhere since the last 2 months!
  10. Yeah, I loved the game except for the part where we had to find our way back! I was specifically frustrated in the Zefo map! But the gameplay is seriously satisfying and the combat is tough but not repetitive! Looking forward to the sequel
  11. I got this game a few months back for free as part of PS Plus monthly games and I don't know why it got such negative reviews everywhere. Perhaps the reason I'm liking it so much is because I haven't spent so many hours on a racing game since Burnout Paradise back on X360! I find this game's drifting, boosting and aggressive racing similar to Burnout Revenge/ Paradise and that slo-mo crashes of cop cars is so nostalgic ! Almost done with the storyline and have really enjoyed the drift races and time trials. Hardly anyone plays the multiplayer nowadays but would have been fun racing online with friends!
  12. same here! I clicked on 'Add to Cart' exactly at 12 noon and after putting my address when I clicked on next, it said 'sold out' ! I mean doesn't the item get on hold for a few minutes once we put it in cart?
  13. Anyone here playing Star Wars: Squadrons? It seems like a fun MP game and would be great with a group of people!
  14. Hey guys! I'm up for Gears 5 sessions and other Gamepass MP sessions! Will keep a tab on this thread from now on... !
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