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  1. Man In The Box

    FIFA 18 Gathering

    Yeah man! Enjoyed a lot. We used to play so many 1v1 games in Fifa 11, especially Ireland vs New Zealand ! Good times !!!
  2. Man In The Box

    Gears of War 4 online

    Do any of you guys play GeOW 4 anymore? Takes ages to find a match online!
  3. Man In The Box

    Burnout Paradise

    I remember that irritating 'Girlfriend' saying that used to always play during Burnout Paradise!
  4. Man In The Box

    Burnout Paradise

    Completely agree! Burnout Takedown and Revenge are two of my favourite racing games! I still have Burnout Revenge on the Xbox 360. Those races, that soundtrack, the feeling of playing online for the first time... . Those were the days ! Loved Takedown as well which I played on the original Xbox. For some reason, I never found Burnout Paradise that great. I do miss Criterion Games I wonder if we will ever see a game as good as Burnout Takedown/ Revenge in the PS4- XBONE era.
  5. Man In The Box

    FIFA 18 Gathering

    Hmm. What does L/L mean? Balotelli is actually not quite bad as he has good pace and shooting. Have scored 49 goals with him in 87 games. With Cavani, I have scored 56 goals in 88 games. I like 4-3-3 Formation with one CDM and 2 CM since it ensures that I have more control in the midfield with the CDM staying back. It's just that I feel even an 81 Rated PL team seems to be better than mine in midfield, perhaps due to physicality. I haven't tried 4-2-3-1 formation. In that formation, the Wide Players will play a little deeper. Am I right? Please share your team.
  6. Man In The Box

    FIFA 18 Gathering

    I alternate between these two squads mainly..
  7. Man In The Box

    FIFA 18 Gathering

    I am finding FUT Online Seasons quite difficult. People having excellent squads from Division 6 itself. How are you guys finding it? I have a Ligue 1 Dominant Squad. Lack of physicality in midfield is causing lot of issues.
  8. Man In The Box

    FIFA 18 Pro Club: GunMan

    Anyone wants to play in the afternoon?
  9. Man In The Box

    FIFA 18 Club IVG

    Hey guys! Planning to get the game by next week... Any space available in clubs!?
  10. Man In The Box

    FIFA 18 Club IVG

    Ah.... good old Pro Clubs drama! Man, i miss those Pro Clubs days! How have you guys been... @rockstarnet and @prime.echo !?
  11. Man In The Box

    Xbox One X

    Yeah, what's your source?
  12. Man In The Box

    Xbox One X

    Guys, will the Xbox one X be releasing in India anytime soon?
  13. Man In The Box

    What you bought this week

    Athek is right. S8 is free but my mom has that phone. So we got Galaxy Note 8 I really don't think they would have given Note 8 for free as its 14K more than the S8 (64 GB Version). Probably they would have reduce 1-2 K at max.
  14. Man In The Box

    What you bought this week

    Long time guys! Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying gaming I recently bought a 65' Samsung 4K Qled TV. The picture quality seems great and it fits in well with the Living Room! Now need to get an Xbox One X once it launches in India so that I can finally play Gears 4 in 4k ! I also bought Samsung Galaxy Note 8 by paying 10K extra with the TV. I also got free wireless charging dock which will be delivered by next month.
  15. Man In The Box

    Music Discussion Thread

    So have been doing bass covers of some songs on my YouTube channel... do check it out and let me know how you guys find it The two videos above are my most recent ones! Have covered other songs such as Come As You Are- Nirvana, Another One Bites the Dust- Queen, etc. as well in my channel!