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  1. We will only find out now after the free weekend ends.
  2. Yes forgot to mention that. It is working for Asian accounts only.
  3. Really hope Auba signs the new contract. 29 goals again this season with absolute no service to him. World Class striker
  4. For platinum you need to do minimum 5 Playthroughs and each playthrough take roughly around 1.5 - 2 hrs.
  5. I bought the LG 27UK650 model in Oct 18 and it will be the second time in 2 years I will be getting the panel replaced. Due to Corona situation I am delaying the replacement request. I am really disappointed after spending 34k on this monitor. At least the monitor has 3 years warranty.
  6. I tried to setup the recurring payment option but it said my card is not supported. But the same card is able to setup recurring payment on Netflix and PSN. It's an ICICI VISA Debit Card. Anyways went ahead and made single contribution
  7. It's been handed out randomly and promotion will run till 11th August.
  8. Was planning to pick it up this week but now will wait till they patch the bugs and glitches out.
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