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  1. He is more interested/looking forward to about how Sony can loose one of their biggest exclusive game IPs
  2. Around 15 minutes footage is just people driving with music. No dialogues or anything. I would have liked it more if I knew anything about Sharon Tate. Too bad I didn't read about her. I would have enjoyed the movie way more.
  3. Ikr? It is amazing. Probably because I saw Imax 2D show and they showed message that this movie was not shot in Imax.
  4. Also Cinepolis gave us apology voucher for a free Imax movie which can be watched till 15/9. Idk what were they apologizing for, it just said apologies for inconvenience, here is the free movie voucher.
  5. Saw once upon a time in Hollywood. Probably Tarantino's worst movie. Last half an hour or so is baller. Stellar performance by Brad Pitt and Leo. Regarding censorship, only a*s, a**hole and bastard is censored. So that's like probably 10-15 times. f**k, sh*t etc is not censored. Censoring f**k would have rendered the movie unwatchable. Violence is not at all censored.
  6. We are playing brilliant football. Lovely to watch. Hopefully we can actually win by playing like this. Liverpool defending is clueless against this attack so far. We should have been 3-0 up at least. Very similar to start vs United.
  7. They are so clueless that they admitted it up openly: Reliance has said little publicly about Jio, and even less about the potential for wide-scale data mining in a country where consumers have not, to date, made a big deal about online privacy. But top executives are clear on the opportunity. “It’s called Deep Packet Inspection, and what you can do with the analytics of that is mind-boggling,” said a senior Reliance executive, referring to a practice that digs into ‘packets’ of data created by computers for efficiency, mining them for information. https://in.reuters.com/article/reliance-telecoms-jio/from-big-oil-to-big-data-inside-mukesh-ambanis-20-billion-start-up-idINKCN11611V
  8. I know we were better in first half but our defending was shambolic. Long way to go. We are very susceptible to counters. Maybe Kante will help to stop the counters. Let's see how the supercup game goes.
  9. Shambolic beginning. Loooooong season ahead.
  10. Yes hotstar streams everything.
  11. Arsenal and Spurs had awesome windows.
  12. Luiz only for 8m? Still fine. He can f**k off especially to Arsenal.
  13. Luiz deal is interesting. Luiz+Mustafi partnership is a mouth watering prospect.
  14. Ugh that hole in the centre. Looks like Bindiya.
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