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  1. Thanks saw about zack character but didn't want to read further in Wikipedia so it doesn't spoil future crisis core remaster/remake for me. Now i have thirst for this game don't know if i should play original ff7 game or wait for rebirth.
  2. Completed the game. iam so lost on ending can someone explain without spoiling future games
  3. Started this game without playing original ps1 title. was lost on lore in initial few chapters, but characters kept slowly growing on you especially after meeting Aerith in chruch. Iam about to finish chapter 11. Combact is so awesome.
  4. I mean extra or whatever middle tier is called. There are games like shadow of colossus available in us version.
  5. Us version is having more games. Is it streaming titles? I can see more games even in essential catalog
  6. Bussiness minigame is probably most addictive minigame in the entire series even better training host in yakuza zero
  7. My father's office route is generally less then 5km with heavy bumper traffic. 10-11km is a good figure for any petrol vehicle in a Bangalore traffic.
  8. Alcazar petrol uses 2000cc engine. Diesel comes with same 1.5 engine of creta/seltos/carens heck my 2016 model creta was 1.6 engine. Coming to carens it feels underpowered at lower rpms compare to creta you need to downshift a gear to get some extra power. felt like driving a i20 engine then creta
  9. Xuv700 has a waiting of over a year. My father requires car immediately for daily use. Sold creta and he is using my polo gt which gives ridiculous low mileage of 6-7 in city.
  10. Long waiting period about 4months Did test drive diesel engine feels little underpowered where as same engine on alcazar felt ok. Have removed alcazar from my buying list now its between Tata safari and MG hector plus. even mg hector diesel variant has long waiting period.
  11. Guys iam going to upgrade my 6 year old creta with 1.35 lakhs km driven. Iam confused between tata safari and hyundai alcazar. Need to be 6/7 seater and a diesel variant, budget around 23 lakhs. I want to get tata safari but dont have confidence on tata/mahindra reliability. Dunno if they have removed reliability in last few years. Polo gt is my primary vehicle. suv would be used by family with chauffeur.
  12. I had it easy with dragon boss with a mimic Ash. You need to use lightning negation talisman
  13. Completed the game. Endgame bosses were all easy with op mage build.
  14. I had normal torch which didnt work.
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