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Lords of the Fallen

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PC, Next-gen Consoles


October 28th,31st 2014


Action RPG


Action-RPG title set within a medieval fantasy world ruled by a Fallen God. Fighting against the formidable Lords and Generals that command his demonic army is one of game’s strongest features. LORDS of the FALLEN rewards skill and persistence among hardcore Action-RPG fans; it presents players with great challenges followed by greater rewards and satisfaction. The story plot and twists allow approaching the conflict between humans and demons from various perspectives.



City Interactive has announced 'Lords of the Fallen', a "hardcore" third-person action-RPG due for release on PC and next-generation consoles in 2014.

Development on Lords of the Fallen is being led by The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings' senior producer Tomasz Gop, and sees players take on the role of a human named Harkyn on an adventure across a rich, fantasy world.

The game features a branching storyline, City Interactive suggests, and players will be forced to make a series of decisions that alter both the world and their character.

"Our team is building Lords of the Fallen specifically for players who enjoy taking on huge challenges, where the odds are stacked against them," said Tomasz Gop, executive producer at City Interactive.

"From the very beginning, Lords of the Fallen will intrigue and satisfy players’ hunger to explore each corner of a brand new world, freely customize and build their own character and take down some of the most epic enemies ever seen."

Lords of the Fallen appears to be the new name for "Project RPG", a title revealed during April 2012 that had initially been due for release on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC later this year.

A gameplay demo of Lords of the Fallen will be revealed at E3.


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Lords of the Fallen – main character revealed

Lords of the Fallen has a render out showing the main character in the game, Harkyn. It’s below along with some information.




Players will be able to develop Harkyn according to their play style, and customize their character using many abilities across three skill trees.

Players will uncover and learn new secrets and abilities as their character is “the only one capable of ending the long battle of the Fallen God believers and those that have abandoned him long time ago.”

“Harkyn is not your ordinary hero. Our team is committed to creating a distinct character and a gameplay experience unique to every player, as well as a deep, secretive history that players will be rewarded for upon discovering. We’re excited to show LORDS of the FALLEN, our main character, Harkyn, and the advanced combat mechanics for the first time at E3 next week,” said Tomasz Gop, executive producer.

The strategic third-person action RPG helmed by the former CD Projekt RED developer will be playable at E3 and “will be presented live.”


src: VG247

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E3 2013 Preview: Lords of the Fallen is your next-gen Dark Souls

City Interactive had a little surprise up its sleeve this year. While it was revealed a few weeks ago, nothing was known about Lords of the Fallen other than being a next-gen Action RPG for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Today I was finally able to get a glimpse at what this game's all about, and exactly how next-gen it really is.

To kick off the hands-off presentation, I was told that Lords of the Fallen has been designed to be one of the hardest Action RPGs ever made. Quite a bold claim considering one of my favorite games, Dark Souls, has already claimed that spot. Regardless, I was eager to see the game in action, and wanted to see whether that claim was in any way truthful.


continue reading @ gamezone

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main guy looks like WAR from darksiders :mellow:

My thoughts exactly :|


Anyway them graphics, if this is next gen, i am having nerdgasms, epicness, now only if someone made a Overlord RPG for next gen, the my life would find one step in being just the tincy bit more complete

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Lords of the Fallen Preview: Next-gen RPG promises a hardcore, tactical experience for diehard fans

RPG fanatics can be very particular about what they play, and the general complaint these days seems to be directed at a slow decline in strategic role-playing games. Enter Lords of the Fallen, a PC/next-gen RPG from Deck 13 and City Interactive, that promises to fill that void in your sad, sad hearts.

Lords of the Fallen is still far from release. Like so many potential next-gen hits, this hardcore RPG won't see the light of day until 2014, but until then, I dare to be excited. See, the game's greatest selling point lies in its tactical gameplay, where every enemy will require a strategic approach and button-mashing will just get you knocked on your a*s.


continue reading at Neoseeker

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[Forbes]'Lords Of The Fallen' Looks Like A Next-Gen 'Dark Souls'


A stamina meter will dictate your character’s ability to dodge roll out of harms way, and swing their weapon a certain amount of times. Though there aren’t classes per se, your character’s behavior will rely on the currently equipped weapon. Each weapon class, from what we’ve seen three today, will have its own associated skill. For example, a hammer will allow the player to make a clone of himself, which will in turn aggro the enemy. Daggers on the other hand slow time, allowing you to get behind and score a critical finisher on the enemy.

The combat itself seems a little faster paced and somewhat smoother than Dark Souls, which is a welcome feature. Whether it was harder, that’s hard to tell, one because I didn’t actually get to play the game myself, and two because it was an E3 build, and chances are the dev’s characters might have been beefed up. Regardless, dodging heavy hitting attacks and striking at the correct time seemed to be a necessity, rather than an optional strategy.






[polygon]Lords of the Fallen will let players switch between three classes

Users can take on the role of a cleric, rogue or warrior class; however, they can later switch between classes after adopting new class-specific armor. Classes each have special moves they can unleash based on action points.

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[Thesixthaxis]Preview: Lords of the Fallen




The only RPG series that’s ever really grabbed hold of me is Zelda. Even that isn’t a strong hold, it’s more that I’ve liked a few of the titles I’ve seen; it’s not really something I’d go out of my way to play time after time. There was a brief period where I thought I liked Final Fantasy VII, but it didn’t last beyond the end of the first disc.

Even as someone who’s never really fallen in love with RPGs, there’s something oddly entrancing about Lords of the Fallen. Perhaps its the fact that the whole thing looks rather wonderful, or maybe it’s the way that developers Deck 13 have decided to pretty much ditch classes in favour of a more natural feeling weapon based system.

Whatever it is, one look at the Dark Souls inspired title was enough to more than peak my interest. Of course that particular source of inspiration is enough to absolutely terrify me at the same time, although what I saw of Lords of the Fallen doesn’t look quite that brutal.

However the similarities between the titles are clear in both the game’s dark aesthetic and its fluid, close quarters combat. The combat also has the same measured approach to it, if you like to spam the attack button then this isn’t the game for you. However, if you like to watch enemy attack patterns and wait for you opening, then Lords of the Fallen should have something to offer you.

On first glance, it seems obvious that Desk 13 is aiming at next-gen platforms, along with the PC. The environments look simply gorgeous, and some of the particle effects on display are stunning. In particular there’s an odd fire-floating-in-the-air effect you get when the game’s bosses, the titular Lords, put in an appearance.



continue reading @ thesixthaxis

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