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Ni no Kuni 2

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Hopefully, the stuttering is a capture issue. 3X95HhP.png 





In the time during my preview, Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom has impressed and surprised me over and over again. Its jaw dropping visuals, engaging story and refreshingly fast paced battle system has me excited to dive back in each time I play.




All versions of the game will run at 60 fps (PC version can run higher), and have HDR (yes even PC). 




Trophy list revealed

  • Knight Errand (Bronze) - Awarded for completing 100 errands.
  • No Downside (Silver) - Awarded for completing 150 side quests.
  • Scourge of the Tainted (Gold) - Awarded for defeating 50 tainted monsters.

Going to be a long run. 


Schreier says it took him only 30 hours.



My review will be up next week but I can say that it took me 30 hours while seriously taking my time to do side quests, work on my kingdom, etc.

After playing through way too many games that were way longer than they needed to be, this was refreshing. Especially after Ni no Kuni 1's unnecessary final act.



Another preview :  Ni no Kuni II's Combat Is Brilliant, and Vastly Improved Over the Original



I will also note here that I enabled supersampling mode on my Pro and then toggled 4K mode in the game's options, and it slowed things down. I ran around a fairly crowded town and encountered some noticeable stuttering, so I just went back to 1080p mode, which is buttery smooth. Not sure if that will get ironed out with a launch-day patch, or if anyone else experienced the same thing.

When toggling supersampling mode it does say that it can impact a game's frame rate, so that slowdown could be on the hardware, and not the game's fault. Playing in 4K on a 4K display may hold a solid 60 fps for all I know.

At any rate, Ni no Kuni II is amazing.


Anyways, all very positive previews.



Embargo lifts next Monday, 10 am ET. 

Game unlocks in 10 days.

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@Joe Cool Just looking at the different versions of the game. Man, they have quite a bit of collectibles for everyone, at quite a lot of price ranges. You can get the Premium edition of the game, which includes game, steelbook, 3d papercraft kit, music collection cd and exclusive dlc "Dragon's tooth" for $74.99. This does not include season pass, but that can be purchased later for $20. I like this version quite a bit. This is US version BTW. Or you can go with EU Prince's Edition. But this translated to around $118 which is quite a bit expensive (The US version I mentioned + season pass should come to around $94.99)



EU Prince's Edition



US Premium Edition


You can look at the different editions here:



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