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This is the idea: press the shoot button to shoot, as normal, then time a second press of the shoot button so that you tap the button just as the player connects with the ball. If timed correctly, this adds extra power and accuracy. And it works for every type of shot: normal, volley, header, whatever.


FIFA 19 visualises this in a couple of different ways. With the trainer on, you'll see the shot timing bar above the shooting player, with two white lines moving to the centre of the bar. If you time your button press for when the white bars meet in the middle (the green area) you'll get a power and accuracy boost. If you miss-time the press, your shot is likely to go high and wide - and the game will tell you you've miss-timed the shot, too.


If you have the trainer turned off, the timing is visualised via the triangle that appears above the player you currently control. It'll turn green for success, red if you miss-time the shot.


"The reason you wouldn't do it is if you want to play it safe, essentially, and just have the traditional system," Prior explained. "It's that risk / reward element. Some of it is the positioning, when you think it makes most sense. Maybe it's a bit of a hit and hope kind of thing, and at that point you're like, okay, I'm going to go for the extra level of power and accuracy, because this is a bit hopeful. Whereas you wouldn't want to use it when you're five yards out in front of an open goal, because why would you at that point?"


Prior said this new shooting mini-game is best used when you're trying an ambitious shot, the kind you expect will miss or won't result in a goal.



Interesting. Will need to try it out in the demo when it's out to see how this is.

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4 minutes ago, hussain said:

@Joe Cool how are you getting the game for 40 dollars ? Mexican origin ? 


Last year got on Amazon. Prime $20 credit by talking to their chat. Prime gets you 20% discount but physical. I spoke to their support chat and they added credit for the digital purchase. Costs me $40. 


This year:


Origin Premier in Russia is only $65. Covers all EA games (which I'm looking forward to playing) and comes in EN + RU languages now. $65 is no-brainer for FIFA 19 + Battlefield V + Anthem + all other games. 


FIFA 19 - $40-60 on PS4. More active and got friends to play seasons. But will have to buy other games too. More expensive.  


Don't know where to get it now... igzfGjl.png

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