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IVG/GI Nostalgia Thread


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Hey Guys,


How about sharing your most notalgic moment of IVG/GI/360i days.


Mine would inadverently be fighting with all admins/mods to get the PC Section on the forums. I still remember how opposed they were to the idea and wanted to keep this as a console only forum :P


Many more to follow..So shoot away with yours!!


Maybe this will bring back some of the old timers and shoutbox needs to return.






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2 minutes ago, abhinit90 said:




1 minute ago, pArth said:

Bring back the shoutbox!!!


edit : beaten by less than minute😂

Check the op :devil:

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This forum takes your heart and throws it in a valley! f**k off guys you guys!
Throw my hart in vale

Pfffttt noobs. You can try but you'll never be as cool as Mirza.....srkmirza

That reminds me did Sam ever return the money that he scammed of srkmirza?
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6 minutes ago, Assassins Creed said:

What about EPIC meet up guys.. I remember one Bangalore meet in someone’s house near IIMB there were some old members like Dullu, Xeon.. It was a fun night with booze, guitar hero, FIFA.. 



we had several, BGC was the THING!!!!

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1 minute ago, Assassins Creed said:

I could only attend one of those Legendary meets, we even had a topic just for the meets.. Don’t mind doing them again once all of this sh*t is over 

Ya they were planned form a week in advance, we did custom tshirts and remember doing a 48 hr long meet at my place, crazy stuff!!!

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Pushy and juice corner.


One night is all it took. :puspa:


Edit: I remember winning the Killzone lucky draw, and got a f**kton of goodies. I was very new then, and the old timers lost their sh*t. Stuff couldn't be couriered to my home town then, and @Tinbin007 got them to me personally. 


Fun times. 

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