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21 minutes ago, Sach4life said:

What was the point of us not declaring at the lunch itself? Waste of 10-15 minutes without any reason

I think ball started moving too much, and he got scared that bowlers might get injured.


Kick a*s first two overs, any hope for England to go for win is finished. Would be fun two sessions for indian supporters. Hope rain does not pay spoilsport.

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10 minutes ago, AtheK said:



So nice to see india dominate both the tests till now.




This is dream for us man. Have always been on other side.
Oppn tail screwing us. Oppn fast bowlers running through us and always playing for draw and defensively.


Now our pacers screwing others and oppn playing for draw. 


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27 minutes ago, harsh1387 said:

This is getting fun. Don't think Buttler will last long even with that drop catch.


they have settled down well now. What a drop, guess he was preparing for his antics and run to boundary with the ball before even catching it.

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Finally, jumping jack does not start celebrating before the catch is taken. Great one hour coming up. England should have been 9 down though, 2 dropped catch, one wicket on no ball.


And curran gone!!

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