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11 minutes ago, KunjanPSD said:

Ek match jeetke poora insta bhar dia tha.

Overconfidence is a real thing.

Abhi phir insta bharega :P


What a pathetic batting performance.

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I think india should seriously consider playing umesh (or even shardul) in the next match in place of Ishant or shami. Like clouderson, umesh is a outswing bowler and can bowl at good pace. Right now all our 4 bowlers are seam and hit the deck kind of bowlers. Need one genuine swing bowler in the team. 

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Kohli being Captain can't be dropped otherwise he has worst stats in this series among batsman.

Pujara and Rahane needs to be dropped. Pick any 2 among Vihari/Mayank/Sky. They can only do better than these 2.

Rohit looks most solid but then plays such idiotic shots to get out that doesn't helps team at all. For an opening senior bat to keep making such mistakes is unforgivable but then he is still better than others so far. Rohit and Rahul were good last 2 games so can be ignored for failing this time.

Pant as usual is still living in his LaLaLand of attack and refuses to play the situation this series. Needs a pep talk by coach.

Kohli and Shastri aren't playing the best spinner in the world for Jadeja cos Jadeja may make few runs but he won't take any wickets. That's absolutely absurd. Ashwin not only will give you wickets but scores runs himself. He has 5 test centuries for god's sake and this management is treating him like Ishant Sharma with the bat.

This match is gone. Only consolation is we will be 1-1 and still hope for series win in next 2.

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Probably career defining moment for Pujara today though the pitch has flattened up but he needs to play freely. Also if Indias middle order fails again then there would be replacement in next match 

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For me - 99% probability we gonna lose this and that too with an innings defeat. 1% is of a miracle batting ( highly unlikely considering middle order) and obviously Rain god's ( again unlikely as forcast is all clear for all days). Let's hope and see.


Only if Rain hadn't saved England in first test we would be 2-0 ahead right now and this defeat won't sting too much. 1-1 means it can go either way next 2 matches.

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What a review. Reviewed last second and missed by a few mm. Still 0 down.


Anyways don't see how we will be able to bat our way out of trouble here. If we can lose by less than an innings and a 100 runs, I'll consider it a moral victory.

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20 hours ago, KnackChap said:

What a sh*t commentator Manjrekar is. makes me want to switch to Hindi whenever he comes on air.  Really liking DK and even Agarkar  


Everyone hates his commentary. its all over CM. Still he gets picked.. 

53 minutes ago, harsh1387 said:

Rahul looked too uncomfortable this match.. do or die time for puji.

Btw, what's with this sorcery. India bats, pitch does everything and ball swings a mile, England bats and all swing disappear. Happens too often.

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Suddenly it gets cloudy when we bat FFS

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