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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
Prakharam Prakharam 02/13/19 Communicated well. Paid promptly. Recommended buyer. blitzkreiig blitzkreiig
bowser bowser 02/13/19 Super Nintendo exactly as promised. Hassle free deal. Would deal again. Prakharam Prakharam
bowser bowser 02/13/19 Gamecube exactly as promised. Smooth deal. Would deal again. Prakharam Prakharam
blitzkreiig blitzkreiig 02/13/19 GBMs exactly as promised. Smooth deal. Would deal again. Prakharam Prakharam
lunarmustard lunarmustard 02/13/19 Smooth deal. Would buy again. AGS-101 exactly as promised. Prakharam Prakharam
Auditore Huz Auditore Huz 02/13/19 I have not seen packing like this in my life. I couldn't even count how many layers of wraps were there over the games. Excellent seller. blitzkreiig blitzkreiig
imemyself imemyself 02/12/19 Excellent buyer. Paid promptly and replied to all my messages immediately Highly recommended. l33tmaniac l33tmaniac
l33tmaniac l33tmaniac 02/12/19 Great deal, Awesome Packing and Ultra fast shipping. will definitely deal with again. A++++ Seller, Highly recommended imemyself imemyself
mohitjain1112 mohitjain1112 02/12/19 Received Spider-Man PS4 in great condition. Disc is perfect. Mohit packaged it very well. Gavara Tarun Gavara Tarun
Playstationdude Playstationdude 02/11/19 Quick payment, nice communication, patient. Recommended!!! Ichigo Uzumaki Ichigo Uzumaki
Ichigo Uzumaki Ichigo Uzumaki 02/11/19 10/10.Smooth deal. Quick shipping. Will deal again. Playstationdude Playstationdude
Skull Crusher Skull Crusher 02/11/19 Really awesome guy to deal with. He always make's sure to keep me updated about the shipping and packs the games with utmost care. inferno44u inferno44u
lunarmustard lunarmustard 02/10/19 10/10 will buy from again. slackerninja slackerninja
SRahulNayak SRahulNayak 02/10/19 Excellent communication. Quick shipping. Great seller. ukesh ukesh
Skull Crusher Skull Crusher 02/10/19 nice person to deal with, recommended nishant872 nishant872
Akkster Akkster 02/09/19 Positive experience with buyer. Recommended. gecko89 gecko89
ShanerWarner ShanerWarner 02/07/19 Awesome buyer, upfront payment , SUPER clear communication. The deal when smooth all because of the understanding this man has. Highly recommended to deal with. A+++++ buyer. Skull Crusher Skull Crusher
Skull Crusher Skull Crusher 02/07/19 Games received with excellent & Robust packing, Very friendly and understanding person to deal with. Never had any issues and was also prompt with his replies! A Recommended Seller. Will surely deal again, no doubt ... A++++ ShanerWarner ShanerWarner
RohitSole RohitSole 02/07/19 Good guy to deal with. Paid promptly. Communicated well. Recommended. blitzkreiig blitzkreiig
blitzkreiig blitzkreiig 02/07/19 Awesome, Fast delivery, Good attitude, The game was in a very good condition. RohitSole RohitSole
nishant872 nishant872 02/06/19 Great guy, hand to hand deal no hassle & awesome buyer. Highly recommended to deal with Skull Crusher Skull Crusher
GunnerY2J GunnerY2J 02/05/19 Great guy to deal with. Explained the condition of the product thoroughly before shipping and followed through till it reached me. Killer packaging too. Highly recommended. dhruvrock2000 dhruvrock2000
Andrew327 Andrew327 02/04/19 Most horrible seller ever, AVOID AT ALL COST, demanded I return the product after taking full payment in cash, even when I agreed to return the product he did not even turn up at the meeting spot and left me stranded waiting for him. Poor communication, poor ethics and has arrogance in abundance. Do yourself a favor and avoid buying anything from him. i_rock098 i_rock098
WiseFool WiseFool 02/03/19 Excellent Seller!! Trustworthy & Co-operative sg88 sg88
Pranith Pranith 02/03/19 Smooth deal. Would love to trade again. sg88 sg88