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Receiver Date Comment Sender  
batgalactico batgalactico 11/27/18 fast shipping, sturdy oackaging meuuks meuuks
CodeEvo CodeEvo 11/27/18 recommended buyer meuuks meuuks
BLACK ANGEL BLACK ANGEL 11/26/18 Bought an Xbox One controller from him, and the deal went smoothly. The controller was in perfect condition as promised. Packaging was great as well. x1n x1n
srajan srajan 11/26/18 Great guy to deal with. Great packaging and good communication. xeqtor xeqtor
godspeed4476 godspeed4476 11/26/18 Fast Shipping, Excellent packaging. Would love to deal again Thanks :) CodeEvo CodeEvo
xeqtor xeqtor 11/26/18 quick buyer..instant payment..cheers isk isk
SRahulNayak SRahulNayak 11/26/18 Easy to Deal. Got the game within one day. aashay aashay
NishantD. NishantD. 11/26/18 Great guy to deal with..prompt communication always...genuine seller. Will recommend 10/10 :) -= L O L =- -= L O L =-
-= L O L =- -= L O L =- 11/25/18 I had a pretty good experience dealing with him. recommended. NishantD. NishantD.
mihir88 mihir88 11/25/18 I had a pretty seamless experience while dealing with Mihir. Recommended. NishantD. NishantD.
NishantD. NishantD. 11/25/18 Nice conversation, quick replies. Packaging was quite good. Would love to deal again. mihir88 mihir88
ShanerWarner ShanerWarner 11/25/18 Great packing. Good to deal with. A+ abhi1980 abhi1980
popeye popeye 11/25/18 Smooth Deal. Would recommend this seller. NishantD. NishantD.
Pshycho_TXC Pshycho_TXC 11/25/18 Great buyer . Fast decision making and timely payment . Krazyniks Krazyniks
Abdul basit Abdul basit 11/25/18 Good buyer and Prompt Payment . Pshycho_TXC Pshycho_TXC
Krazyniks Krazyniks 11/25/18 A+++ Seller and Timely shipment and well packed . Pshycho_TXC Pshycho_TXC
SRahulNayak SRahulNayak 11/25/18 A++++ Seller , fast shipment and well packed . Pshycho_TXC Pshycho_TXC
meuuks meuuks 11/24/18 Quick Shipment and Solid Packaging!! Definitely Recommend CodeEvo CodeEvo
kishorekec kishorekec 11/23/18 A+ Buyer. Highly recommended. kaka_messi kaka_messi
BLACK ANGEL BLACK ANGEL 11/23/18 Great guy to deal with . Will deal again A++ RushabOswal RushabOswal
otaku.u otaku.u 11/23/18 The packaging was great, delivery was prompt and the transaction was smooth. Will definitely deal again. A+, highly recommended. radicaldude radicaldude
adity adity 11/21/18 Pleasure dealing with, very cooperative. Highly recommended. ngaged2005 ngaged2005
ngaged2005 ngaged2005 11/21/18 Fast shipping. Nice packaging. Pleasure to deal with. adity adity
coolmateabhi coolmateabhi 11/21/18 Excellent guy to deal will shipped it on time and was very helpfull with questions will 100% deal again RushabOswal RushabOswal
RushabOswal RushabOswal 11/21/18 Excellent buyer...fast payment...good communication!!! coolmateabhi coolmateabhi