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  1. Devil May Cry 5

  2. Far Cry New Dawn

    FC5 was pretty awesome and I hope this one maintains that quality.
  3. Anthem

    This is not the only place to post impressions ya know
  4. Anthem

    Yeah don't give a sh*t about Origin account, ban me EA.
  5. Anthem

    They did make Andromeda in a same way as Bethesda made FO76, don't believe in the BS about A team and B team. It wasn't done by original ME team but this was definitely Bioware's baby, and Anthem is probably a make or break game for them.
  6. Anthem

    Got in and played for few minutes before server kicked me out again, but the gameplay feels incredibly polished for an alpha. The movement, shooting, combat, flying etc feels good. Hopefully final game will have customizable buttons because using X to jump in a shooter is stupid.
  7. Anthem

    I selected all times but they removed me from first slot on the fly. Second one is at 2 AM so fk it.
  8. Anthem

    If you can't get in, check your slot here. https://ea.arcsivr.com/Portal/Home Email says all slots available but that's not true.
  9. Anthem

    Preload done. We should squad up when it goes live, unless you're busy doing those stupid Forges
  10. Anthem

    Got the alpha invite. Hyped
  11. The Game Awards - December 6

    Not at VGA but overall. And the VGA was weird one too since TLoU was leading in votes by a huge margin yet GTAV won. Never believe in his hype tweets, he's been doing this since forever.
  12. The Game Awards - December 6

    Second time Sony's first party game beat a Rockstar's behemoth game.
  13. The Game Awards - December 6

    Damn totally unexpected.
  14. The Game Awards - December 6

    Pull my devil trigger
  15. The Game Awards - December 6

    Dayum Rockstar seems to have sponsored the bulk of this event