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  1. OneX & XBone were the same systems & OS ,running same apps They didn’t need smart delivery Though yes I agree game saves should be region free on PS like they are on Xbox
  2. I just want to save his time & mood before discussion continues & he repeats that ROI point again Some jack*** is going to show up sooner or later & make him fall into deeper discussions Better to warn him upfront
  3. No time soon & High End graphics cards are the least priority worldwide right now so they obviously will be the last to show up in abundance
  4. Spider-Man Remaster does not read PS4 save files You have to convert your PS4 save to PS5 in PS4 versions app GoW is not a PS5 app so normal rules apply there,no reason for your save not to be compatible unless you are booting a different region code
  5. You are probably trying different regions Disc & Digital does not matter on PS but it has to be same region code
  6. AnK


    Not more than 2-3 years going by their late PS3- whole 4- early 5 track record They usually release games almost in time after showing & hinting window
  7. You are going to get harassed for saying that in this thread Use PSvsXB thread
  8. Yeah even I might wait to update before booting it again thanks for passing the info
  9. Where did you get this news?!? I updated two days ago….played a while after that but not since that day
  10. Delta brought many countries like India,Indonesia etc to its literal knees But in UK it’s not really bothering ppl all that much with deaths ranging to 200 a day Which was around 1500 a day during second wave Vaccines are definitely working but we just need to hope that they get updated with each new escape mutation….which right now doesn’t seem to be the case as we are still getting vaccines we got on day 1
  11. Unlike US which hasn’t really fully vaccinated most of it’s population due to heavy resistance UK is witnessing a significant numbers of drop in deaths compared to first & second waves,I don’t think the numbers are even comparable & obviously if a country vaccinates most of it’s vulnerable population then that will reflect on the death graph too but irrespective of that when the over all deaths are significantly lower than previous waves it’s pretty much evident that vaccines are saving lives Just that the Delta has reduced their efficacy specially against the spreading
  12. AnK

    Grand Theft Auto V

    I don’t think it would sell like hot cakes all over again like it did on PS3/4 if it’s a fresh purchase all over again If there is some upgrade path then it’s going to make potentially a lot of money again & I hope Rackstar/2K games realise this & do the right thing
  13. Even GoW 2018 was a pretty lengthy game when all of the side quests are included (not counting the two arena realms & Valkyries) Side quests were also pretty good & most felt almost like main quests (set pieces aside)
  14. ND released 3 Uncharted games in 4 years & SSM themselves released 4 GoW games in 8 years (3 in 5) Prior to that games like POP & many others were getting annual releases It’s just that the more debth & fidelity that is brought in with technology brings in more expectations from gamers & lifelike experiences from creative minds That’s why gaming is getting expensive too
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