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  1. is the above video scripted ? I am just wondering why people aren’t hitting him back?
  2. This game is worth playing even for the second time. The enhanced version is years away still. P.S. I have completed this game thrice.
  3. Haha, yeah obviously. Persona 5 is the benchmark setter. This game just follows that style like you mentioned wanna be. That’s what I meant. But I am myself being a persona fan I can relate so much of persona style in this game. Humor, Emotions, dialogues and other twists and turns and other small things. And obviously it can’t reach the heights of yakuza 0 (from story perspective and characters... Kiryu kills everything) but this is still a great game. I am thinking of playing it second time New Game+ with different Jobs. And once you play this game you can’t go back to older yakuza games because they will feel outdated. And to be honest I liked this game more than FF7 Remake.
  4. The way they made the trailer they tried showing a lot of contents which are present in the game. Anyone who has played Persona and looking to play something similar kind ; then you should definitely try this game. Story is good and gameplay is same as P5R.
  5. 👑 👏🙌
  6. Play Kingdom Come Deliverance. Things what you have mentioned about RDR2 which you love. In that game every thing is completely on another level. They have taken the realism/immersion to different heights. I didn’t expect this game to be this awesome but I am addicted to it.
  7. Wow. Your PC and setup looks absolutely amazing. Congrats 👏
  8. I feel bad I can’t play this game from day 1 don’t have the console
  9. Its really tough to play older yakuza games now after playing 7. I wanted to play Remastered collection but I can't seem to enjoy the gameplay because it is too outdated and stale for me because I just finished 7.
  10. +1. The atmosphere in this chapter gives goosebumps. The soundtracks are perfect in this. My personal fav is. “That’s the way it is” brings tears 😭 in eyes remembering all those moments.
  11. GameAnalyzer

    Persona 5

    It’s the best game ever.
  12. GameAnalyzer

    The Medium

    Share your thoughts after playing. I have it downloaded but this game doesn’t interest me.
  13. This game is masterpiece.
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