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7 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:


Maybe don't be dickhead while playing. He had been goading the crowd all-tournament then gets upset they don’t support him. surprisedpikaface. 


Nobody in Australia gives a damn where he is from. He can be from Swiss or Spain or Asia or wherever. People aren't booing because he is Russian. No one was booing Karatsev or Rublev. People booed Med because of his antics. He has a history of annoying the crowd and did his tournament too. 


Everyone goes through the crowd. Winning them over is another thing. People booed Roger against Pete. People booed Nadal against Roger. French didn't even like Nadal at first. People booed Novak against big 2. They all upped their game to a level no one could boo them. Maybe he should work on himself first than pinning it on fans/crowd/country or other players. 


He always does the sarcastic clapping towards the crowd and expects their support. 

Nadal always used to get less support when he faced Federer in the initial years.. but he always handled the crowd with class. Never made a gesture or tried to get back at them. 

He was also booed in AO’14 final as the crowd thought he was faking an injury, but he still won the support during the presentation. 

You can never win the crowd if you always look to get back at them. 

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He was even making facial gestures at the post-match presentation ceremony yesterday. Guy comes across as a total tool at times and then when people boo him he gets all upset. I think he needs a new shrink, current one isn't quite working.

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On 1/30/2022 at 1:08 PM, 0verlord said:

I think Rafa’s experience will be more than enough to carry him through even if it’s a 5 setter

My prediction before the match turned out to be accurate 😎

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I watched three matches to near completion this week. That does not normally happen. Tennis matches are long, and life has demands. But when compelled for something, you make time. That’s what Carlos Alcaraz compelled me to do this week. Make time to watch him play against the greatests of all time. In one week. Back to back. And then, win a Masters level tournament that those goats have made their own, like it wasn’t crazy. Like he has always done that. Like it was no biggie. 

We are watching evolution, front and center. Maybe a couple of players will give him trouble, like Medvedev, and I’d love to see them play each other in the US open, but we are seeing the true successor to the big 3. 

The others, like Zverev, Tsitsipas etc. have no chance. They’re players with a few very good attributes, and mediocre others.  Snowflakes in front of this hard battle warrior. I expected Zverev to fold like a pack of cards today. Alcaraz’s ferocity, the belief, and the hunger are hammers of submission. Serious TDKR Bane and KFP Tai Lung vibes. 

He plays well, is enjoyable to watch on court, audacious, battles like a warrior, and has the most fun trick drop shot of all time. And, most importantly, he makes you want to watch and root for him. He’s already got his own chant. 

Carlos Alcaraz has snatched the torch. 


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There's still no word from Rafa's camp if he'll play tomorrow's SF. 


He will most likely pull out if he has to do first serves at 90 mph 

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