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  1. You still haven't done with this game?
  2. I really enjoyed Dishonored 2 even though I bought it on sale, and might get the DLC as well. But selling a gazillion copies is no joke even for big studios.
  3. Can't you use Visa or mastercard for payment if domestic isn't working right now?
  4. The people who think that way please stay out.
  5. Observer reviews are out.
  6. Good work Joe
  7. Why in the world would I feel bad? It's good that after 11 years the game is still getting remastered and ports.
  8. affordable

    Rent or deep sale. This game needs co-op option and microtransactions which isn't needed but it's there.
  9. Firse remaster? and in Xbox one this time? lol.
  10. It was listed few months after the reveal let's see how many copies they get also fk and amazon. 2018 is still far from now.
  11. Lol, bhai yeh pehle batana chaiye tha na.
  12. This game is getting a lot of praise but few people still thinks that this is just another small indie game because of 30$ price and relatively short campaign.
  13. As I remember it was barely available. These Japanese developers/publishers don't care about Indian market, either it's PC or consoles. Digital is the best bet for all platforms.
  14. Will there be physical disc available for PS4?