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  1. Activision Patents Matchmaking That Encourages Players To Buy Microtransactions Source: https://kotaku.com/activision-patents-matchmaking-that-encourages-players-1819630937 f**kers
  2. That's how a billion dollar businesses work bro, how would you know?
  3. EA's impending victim: Bioware or maybe Respawn Entertainment. All eyes on Anthem now, if that fails on EA's charts it'll be their end of the line if they continue to implement dodgy microtransaction shenanigans and lootboxes it's safe to say that they are on the fast track to their own destruction. But they have to do it because that's how a 'billion dollar company' works, yea? Yes we'll pay because we have to support these companies man.
  4. Hey, but that's not how a 'billion dollar business work' does it? If you won't give something good to the person who's spending on those miraculous loot crates he won't buy them again. But you wouldn't have to give them everything because we want them to buy again, So what do we do now? For that I have cosmetics and emotes yippekayyay!
  5. Grinding is something every game has but the way how much effort weighs on how much you're getting is determined. In SOW after you've completed the full game you'll have to complete the Act 4 to watch a cinematic sequence but in SWBF2 you're required to do a tremendous amount of grind if you're not paying to counterpart with the opponent user. I do not know about the HearthStone and Fifa which I would't comment on but rest of them do you felt any of them was required to buy any kind of MT's? Titanfall 2? A linear game which was loved by critics and fans, Battlefield to unlock guns but I barely saw people are complaining about it because it wasn't needed. What I meant is you can do this too if you want to, if not then yes go online and do what you want to it still won't affect the game. Try to understand what the other person is trying to say first. Damn
  6. Who's to blame, now we won't be getting a linear quality games like uncharted because companies want them to be milk it. Now I'm worried about Bioware's new game Anthem.
  7. Does that SP game demand $$$ to progress? Read my posts if you haven't. You are not pushed to pay any $ on MT's to experience full game. Why is an SP only game is compared with MP game anyway. A MT's in MP game with a structure like SWBF2 is clearly P2W. I'm playing SOW offline i.e no to MT's or any other BS. 30 hours in and i'm at 60% of game completion. Check ScrewyAurum steam profile if you can, I saw he completed Act 4 the shadow wars 'the grinding' event which he did in much less time than you anticipate. I should be the last person if I'd have paid for MT's in one game and bashing on others.
  8. You need a magic ball to understand how EA titled 'the worst company' will turn this game into? You want to know how future will be? Pay them MOAR.
  9. It was Respawn Entertainment to be precise and EA planned to release right after BF1 release which they knew wouldn't sell enough and blame the devs for making it linear and not adding MT's.
  10. Why not just make a good game instead that it won't need to have MT's BS.
  11. So just suck the life essence out of an established studio with unrealistic sales expectations and forced upon shady business practices like adding Microtransactions. Linear games don't sell well? After the Mass Effect Andromeda blunder they expect millions of sales and now with SWBF2 let's see how linear the SP is. Means to the ones that they can shove MT's in their games without any problems which they'll say 'hey, the things added in loot boxes can be acquired in game too' Yay! Despicable scumbags.
  12. This is EA's push to turn what could've been a perfect standalone game with no BS attached like 'loot boxes' and Microtransactions, the initiative which they've been pushing for a while now. Good going EA
  13. Aside of being a fantastic sequel to the franchise the technical blunders and issues on every platforms especially on PC impacted on sales unfavorably. Despite of that Dishonored 2 was the fourth best selling game and it had most pre-orders on steam and was ranked sixth that same week. But it dropped almost like 40% next week. Arkane studios did a really good job but the sales weren't on target.