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  1. Django_3101

    Movie Discussion Thread

    Just let it go
  2. Django_3101


    I am already bored in 2 hours out of 10 hours trial of EA access. Was planning to continue with preordered copy. Guess not anymore. Gonna get a refund and buy at later date when game might get more content and price drop.
  3. Django_3101

    APEX Legends

  4. Django_3101


    Joe, how optimized it is for PC now? people were having complaints that CPU usage was reaching 100% during the demo. I couldn't play much during the demo because of the obvious issues. Mine is Ryzen 5.
  5. Django_3101

    APEX Legends

    Anyone plays on X1, please leave your tags
  6. Django_3101


    How do I download the game with EA access on X1? not getting any option to preload
  7. Django_3101

    APEX Legends

    Yeah, I was 198273 something when I was watching his stream
  8. Django_3101

    APEX Legends

    true. his reaction and response time is so quick. perfect combination of skill and style.
  9. Django_3101

    APEX Legends

    My total kill count = shroud's kill count in one game Man, that guy is a god of this game
  10. Django_3101

    APEX Legends

    thanks for taking one for the team. I was thinking of resubbing and had the exact question before doing it. so, confirmed lol Does anyone play on X1?
  11. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    I got a code, Joe. not sure if its a friend referral or a direct beta code. source is offline now. will check and let you know
  12. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    never mind, I received it from another source. Draca: have accepted your friend request as well thanks for sending one though
  13. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    think the entry should be under active phases
  14. Django_3101

    The Division 2

    any spare PC code/referral? uplay: TR.Django3101
  15. Django_3101

    APEX Legends

    They put in an old school TDM and capture the flag, I am happy. going overwatch style ?