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  1. Lol GoW ,Uncharted & even MGS were in pre-production for gawd knows since when
  2. This is all thanks to the introduction of digital streaming of games Gaming industry as we know it will change sooner or later Brace yourself Subscriptions are coming wonder if ps now actually works in India has anyone had any success?!?
  3. AnK

    Wrestling fans

    The moment it was announced that Goldberg is going to Saudi I knew it that this match was coming When things are going to Saudi there is just no point in anything at all its just & just about money having another Royal Rumble in the middle of the year was stupid as well bringing HBK out of retirement for a crappy tag team match didn’t make sense either money is all wwe cares about when doing such events & Goldberg Vs Undertaker is money that missed it’s opportunity back in those years we might even see Sting Vs Taker Austin Vs Hogan Down the line
  4. Lmao Well if you announce 7 new big AAA exclusive games & go all out guns blazing in the first e3 towards the new generation of gaming & the fan boys label it the biggest walkover in e3 showdown history & in coming years you make everyone realise that 4 are getting canceled,one of them is not really exclusive 1 year into its release,while the last one won’t see light of the day until 5 years down the line..... well.... thats like asking for it
  5. AnK

    Days Gone

    After GTA IV to be precise it came a few months before MGS4
  6. If you have any query regarding time travel just youtube it there are many explanations from the directors themselves Including how Thanos got hold of mass produced pym particles The movie had limited time to explain everything on screen about questions regarding Gamora obviously we’ll get to know more about that in Asgardians of the Galaxy,as hinted Maybe Ronan didn’t die & decimated Xandar in some alternate timeline big deal....thanos would have done that anyway The main goal in endgame was to decimate Thanos & his army to save the entire f**ckin Universe...which was achieved small events changing in some alternate branch doesn’t matter as long as they don’t involve the stones Yes Thor was built to be OP in IW & he had his moments this movie was about Captain America
  7. Quite fascinating movie & a fitting end to the best franchise ever created Future won’t be as epic as this obviously all the main avengers are practically retired I just hope RDJ & Chris E don’t chicken out & return to create something as abysmal as Terminator series they should just leave their legacies at this peak I just hope the video game being crated by CD,Eidos & SEnix is just atleast 10-20% as epic as this franchise also I feel there is just too much nit picking & cribbing going around here its being rated as the best Marvel movie of all times & it’s for solid reason movies are not rated better because of how good they are as individuals but also on how well they are handling the baggage of justifying the great story arc created by each of the past movies & this movie bygod it had more baggage to handle than the entire trilogies of the past epic franchises combined two dozen or so movies with over a decade of timelines & canon stories woven together i mean c’mon we should be thankful to the MCU creators & directors that non of this felt as stupid or as repetitive as the comic books turned themselves into back in those days when they had to handle so many releases
  8. AnK

    Days Gone

    Yes but not with Sony I don’t think they’ll be making any AAA budget game anytime soon unless M$ acquires them of course
  9. AnK

    Days Gone

    What happens to Bend studio now first ever Proper console launch in 15 years & nothing comes out of it no handheld systems to go back to either i wonder if it has same fate as Ready at Dawn & Evolution
  10. The real truth would have been revealed if M$ back in the day would have launched two separate live account options normal online service for free & premium one paid with the supposed “better” experience then we would have seen how many were actually “willing” to pay & how many would defend the paid online switch over as a norm for the industry lmao
  11. AnK

    Wrestling fans

    I’m talking about Mixed tag from last year not actual Steph vs Ronda
  12. AnK

    Wrestling fans

    Last Year’s Flair Vs Asuka or Ronda Vs Steph were much better contenders to introduce Women in WM main Event
  13. AnK

    Wrestling fans

    Dean should have definitely appeared in the match would have been an awesome goodbye moment guess they didnt want him to get WM pay day & also make Seth look like in control & a boss in future Lesnor is obviously leaving by the looks & he’s spent too much time in the spotlight anyway First WM in 18 years without Taker goodbye deadman
  14. AnK

    Wrestling fans

    Triple H is obviously winning as the whole angle was around him not being able to beat Batista back in the day its quite fascinating to note that the Undertaker has no mention as of yet could it be that after two decades he will miss out on a wrestlemania match what sort of send of is this he should have stayed retired after 33
  15. AnK

    Wrestling fans

    I’m not talking about giving him the top spot or the belt atleast a proper WM feud or rivalry Its been overdue