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  1. Guys, for fibre connection does anyone have experience with tata play? i have option to choose between tata play and airtel. Currently using you broadband since last eternity (more than a decade) lol. Any feedback on both these connections would be great. And how is the router provided by these companies? i already bought the asus RT-AX82U so don't really need it, but they would be providing it anyway. Cheers.
  2. Asus AX5400 RT-AX82U Wifi 6 Router. Cheers.
  3. Good 2K monitor for that price range. Usually people prefer bigger size monitors/TVs for consoles but if you are ok with the size and resolution i don't see why it would be a problem with PS5. It doesn't have good HDR though. Cheers.
  4. Yes can do that. Thanks. But still need suggestion for a good wifi6 router with mesh support for future-proofing. I can see a few from tplink (without mesh) and asus seem to be a bit pricey but wanted to know if going for asus under the 10k range would make any sense? Cheers.
  5. Need suggestions for a reliable wifi6 router preferably with mesh support. Need 8 LAN ports if possible. Area to be covered roughly 1300sqft. Budget preferably upto 6k. Can extend if no good options available in that range. Cheers.
  6. StormShadow

    Crysis 4

    Finally! Hope they one-up every other game in the graphics department, like before! Would be cool to test the new RTX cards to their limits Cheers.
  7. No matter what hardware you may currently own, everyone needs to upgrade some day. So if you have the budget you should go for 2K monitor. Model will depend on your budget and priorities. First and foremost fix your budget range. There will always be a better monitor for few quids more. Set a hard budget limit and go for the best in that range. To select the best for you, decide the specs hierarchy as per your needs. Refresh rate, dimensions, overall rating, warranty support in India, response time, gsync/freesync support, type of panel etc. Cheers.
  8. After a lot of research, i got the Optima High back chair 1 year back, for gaming and working on the PC. Pros: Sturdy construction. Fit and finish is top-notch. Smoothness of wheels is unmatched. Tons of adjustability options. No sweating due to mesh construction. Mesh quality is also great. One of the very few rare office chairs with enough height and width support for 6'+ guys like me. Cons: Slightly on the expensive side if compared to regular market office chairs. I realised that i do not like mesh support and prefer full support. It is around your budget of 20K. Hope it helps. Cheers.
  9. Oh yes i meant heroic. So if i start a new game will i get an option to choose a different save location? I mean, i'm playing on PC, and i can see 3 different save slots with 2 slots empty and only 1 getting used for the current campaign. So if i can choose a different slot i can keep 2 game runs playable concurrently. Cheers.
  10. Managed to get the door open by restarting the entire mission. Finished the campaign on hardcore. Now if we restart the campaign on different difficulty, will the entire open world also reset? Cheers.
  11. Has anyone else faced an issue with the door not opening for the skull? I tried 6 times without No matter what i do the door just won't open! I'm currently playing on hardcore. Cheers.
  12. Dual-link DVI supports 2560×1600 resolution and 144hz refresh rates. But no use, as the monitor doesn't have a DVI port. GTX 750Ti has hdmi 1.4 i guess, so it will support 1920x1080 @120Hz, 2560x1440 @60Hz, 3840x2160 @30Hz & 4096x2160 @24Hz. If you are facing stuttering while playing youtube videos check your browser settings like in Chrome you can disable hardware acceleration. Cheers.
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