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  1. It will be as real as the six pack of @Jigsaw
  2. Guys, as @Bird Bird Bird is correct about the SKU co-mingling issue with Amazon in general. Amazon does not lose a single cent; they f**k over the honest sellers for the cost of refund and replacement.
  3. Oye, do not plagarise @quixote_1989 serial killer origin story. Edit: @quixote_1989
  4. How’s the Samsung qled series? I need to get a new tv for my aunt; I’m worried about oled as the room she needs it installed in is quite bright.
  5. Let me rephrase my previous post, pre-order from companies with a reputation of being able to fulfil their claims and have good customer service.
  6. 1) The relevant laws overrule Terms and Conditions to which you may agreed to. Irrespective of how vague they may be. 2) Nothing will happen if this is taken to court. Has any tangible harm been caused? Have the funds been credited back to your account after RD cancelled the order? Do you know if there has been any conflict between Sony and RD regarding the PS5, which lead to the cancellations?
  7. Incompetence can be construed as malice. The probability of them using the wrong template is high. The time you waste speaking with lawyers will outweigh the compensation disbursed. Treat this as a lesson learnt and never pre-order.
  8. It is someone looking to make a quick buck from gullible idiots. As a corporate lawyer mentioned earlier in the thread, nothing illegal has been done by RD. As the old saying goes "An fool and his money are soon parted."
  9. It looks like his bad luck has found a hopefully delightful home.
  10. I spoke with the Sony Center Showroom in the city; they stated that "we will be receiving information regarding Digital Edition stocks only in March"
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