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  1. The virus itself will not be airborne as a single one. They are clumped together by droplets (aerosol particulates are considered as a form of transmission by air) of any body fluid from a person. Isolating a wild strain from the air is tough as hell. I would take what the WHO says with a pinch of salt. In other words, the WHO is telling us what is already common knowledge, nothing new has been added. As @Bird Bird Bird stated use N95 masks, preferably NIOSH. Be careful whilst wearing and removing them. Do what you can when outside to prevent cross contamination to objects you carry such as phone, car keys, etc. https://academic.oup.com/cid/article/doi/10.1093/cid/ciaa939/5867798?searchresult=1 The above letter (the two authors addressed the letter to numerous organisations, ~240) was picked by the large news outlets in the US. My opinion is that this statement by the WHO is in response to the negative news coverage it is currently receiving. Mumps and measles are also airborne transmissions, mumps spreads by large droplets when you are in close contact with the infected person (cough, sneeze, spittle when talking, etc.) whereas measles spreads the same way, but, it can also form aerosol particles which linger in the air for a few hours. So, even if person did not have any close contact with a person infected with measles, if they enter a room a few hours after an infected person, they can still get infected. The whole debate now is only regarding modifications to the terminology. It’s frankly stupid and does not contribute to the discussion about airborne infections. @Bird Bird Bird Correct any errors in my statements.
  2. Brown Manila Envelope 1 - contains Mask 1 for day 1; mask 1 to be used again only on day 6. The envelope also has clear markings as to which side the inner part of the mask should be placed within it, after using the mask. We go through 5 masks in 25 days, with 2 contingency masks in case of damage to any mask in use.
  3. Ladies and gents. This insane discussion has gone on for long enough. N95, N99 or P99 are the most effective at mitigating the possibility of getting infected by aerosol particles carrying any virus or bacteria. If you wear an N95 or similar particulated mask, but do not follow proper procedures whilst wearing (creating a proper seal, not touching the mask, etc. ) or removing the mask; follow proper disinfection procedures before wearing and after removing the mask, then, you increase the possibility of infection by cross-contamination. An N95 mask is not a silver bullet, it only helps in mitigating the risk of infection for the person wearing it. An N95 or similar masks are only a part of the proper bio-security protocol. Please do not use N95 masks unless you are an essential worker. Let us prioritise N95 masks or their equivalent for healthcare workers. Use triple layer or double layer surgical masks with a density of 90 GSM per layer. If you do not have access to good surgical masks ( there are many spurious surgical masks being sold currently ), then try to purchase a 100% cotton mask with a 150-200 GSM. Please use masks and follow proper bio-security protocols. @Bird Bird Bird please correct me any mistakes I may have posted.
  4. As @AtheK said people are stupid and think they’re invincible, until they or someone in their family is affected due to stupid decisions. We are fighting two pandemics simultaneously, SARS-Cov-2 and Stupidly.
  5. silica


    N95 masks can only reduce the risk of infection.
  6. silica


    When will his Stand up Netflix special be released?
  7. silica


    Hope, I truly do hope that does happen. The allowal of trains to run is a foolish decision. I'll see myself out
  8. silica


    @Walker I hope you and your family are well. How is the general situation in Goa?
  9. silica


    Indian nationals being repatriated are being charged for their travel by flight or ship. https://indianexpress.com/article/india/flight-plan-by-mea-india-to-operate-64-flights-to-bring-back-citizens-stranded-abroad-6394513/ The cost of train or bus fare is to be paid by the state which is sending the migrants or the state of origin of the migrants. There is bickering regarding the payment of fares between the states and center. https://thewire.in/politics/opposition-pressure-modi-govt-migrant-workers-rail-fare Some people may have already paid for their tickets; this is primarily due to the lack of clarity in communication by various government organisations (Center or Railways say 1=1 today, then proceed to turnaround and say 1=2 without addressing the previous statement)
  10. silica


    There are three types of companies in terms of debt. For example: a) Any company with good cash reserves and minimal to medium debt is re-negotiating the existing moratorium period of their loan or have requested for a moratorium from their bank or consortium of lenders. The smarter companies are reducing salaries and incentives instead of letting people go; as in the long term it is more expensive hire new staff and train them (especially in specialised sectors). b) Many debt free companies are neither cutting salaries or letting go of their employees, but, they have removed any incentives and bonuses for the foreseeable future. c) Any company which is over leveraged is SOL and will need a white knight financier or investor. People in these companies will be let go; i.e Oyo, Uber, Ola, many in the textile industry, infrastructure companies. This is The Great Recession; something our grandkids will be learning about in their history books and as a case study in their economics module. Can we create a seperate thread to help people who have been impacted by the current situation? The help can be either providing financial assistance, advise i.e on their loans, EMI, etc., or putting them in touch with a contact who may be willing to hire people who have lost their jobs.
  11. silica


    OT, can you share the contact details of distributors for protein powder?
  12. silica


    A new hotspot has been in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh. An entire neighbourhood has been marked as a Red Zone and quarantined. It seems to have been created by the greed of a doctor; who opened his own clinic after the lockdown was announced (opening was attended by a local MLA, State Minister, and their entourage). The doctor, who also works at Apollo Hospital, Nellore, ignored the government directives and began seeing non-emergency patients. He ended up getting infected but continued to see patients, contact tracing has begun. One confirmed transmission case by him is another doctor in Apollo hospital, Nellore. We can expect many more confirmed cases due to this fool.
  13. silica


    Bloody fools are bursting fireworks and yelling on the streets.
  14. silica


    Thanks I kept trying to use the [/img] tag.
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