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  1. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    They should really throw in double rewards drops for Iron Banana Tried the game on PS4 after enabling cross-save and I am sad. Sorry for those who are playing on consoles. Horrid load times for even the character screen. Maps take good 1 minute to load in before someone can actually play crucible. And the initial boot up screen, the character selection screen takes forever. I really hope they fix these issues in beyond light
  2. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    Yeah, that's what the plan is for now. lets see. Do I get that Final Fantasy sword without paying? Not that I am too desparate, I can live without it too
  3. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    I am around 1009 power level now. Play kind of 1 or 2 hours daily - mostly crucible or tasks to get powerful engrams.
  4. The state of pre-orders was abysmal here. I couldn't secure my preorder sadly. So, couldn't make use of the trade deal with X1X
  5. Django_3101

    Destiny 2

    Is it too late to spend on season of arrivals @Joe Cool? Do not have anything else to play these days
  6. My download got messed up due to internet outage. I should be ready by tomorrow.
  7. Thanks. Add me PSN: Django_3101. I think you are already there in my friend's list. We are in different timezone, so if I see you online; will send you an invite. Been a long time, since I have teamed up with anyone
  8. If you have play, you have to pay; as simple as that. I mostly buy disc versions, so easy for me to play and sell later on. I will add $10 to the reselling price
  9. @Joe Cool Just waiting for EB games to announce a trade offer.
  10. "May contain content inappropriate for children" - Whaaaattt!
  11. any conditions to access Alpha? like preorder or something?
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