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Online Shopping : deals and discussion thread

Bird Bird Bird

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1 minute ago, Vamos said:

iPhone 11 and 12 selling for the same price on Flipkart (both 64 and 128) :lol:


Amazing deal for anyone getting iPhone 12 


yes. FK has fantastic pricing for 12, Amazon has excellent pricing for 11.


Do not f**k up and order the wrong phone from the wrong site.

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1 minute ago, Bird Bird Bird said:

Man, the Pixel 4a deal is SO sweet. 25k + free Nest mini (+ Pixel Buds for 5k in case someone wants). 


Nearly 1300 further CB via Axis FK card. 


I considered it tbh, but after a year of waiting for the 5A I did not feel like getting last year's model even though they're very similar.


The price cut was not major enough to consider - and I'm already deep in the Alexa ecosystem at my place. 


Recently bought the Macbook as well, and every Apple fanboy under the sun has shouted their lungs off about the 'ecosystem' experience so decided f**k it - and ordered a 12 since the deal was pretty f**king solid.

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