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18 hours ago, Felix the cat said:

Forget about relatives, few days back my mom said something related to my future wedding, i told her im not gonna marry anytime soon not after two years or five or seven,infact chances are maybe I'll never get married. Like this, for five to six minutes the fun argument between me and my mum continued but then out of no where i saw tears in her eyes rolling down and at that time i feel bad that i made her cry but i changed her mood quickly. BUT (huge but this time) i realised how damn serious she is about my wedding :wallbash: and most scary part is that there is still a lot of time in that thing, Now I'm worried what will happen when the time comes.

If anyone experiencing the same situation feel free to share or suggest something 

Marriage is a huge commitment so it's natural to be scared. You won't just be marrying your future partner but it would be a marriage between two families.


Don't think of marriage as a life goal, get married only if you want to not because your parents want you to. 

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Not sure if there’s a better thread for this but watched Vipul Goyal live yesterday and was easily the funniest live stand up I’ve watched, ever. We were rolling since minute one and he did not let up. A witty, super observant comic with deep intelligence rudan life content. I’ve always liked his comedy, even with his shows on TVF, and always wanted to catch him live. 
Super recommended. If you like his stuff on YouTube, don’t miss if he’s touring in/near your city. 

A taste: 



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