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What you bought this week - 2020 edition

Heaven Angel

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On 9/1/2020 at 8:01 PM, harjas said:

Let us know the impressions please!



I was using Hyper X Cloud2 before this one and it feels like a minor upgrade even without considering the fact that Arctis 1 is a wireless headset. At $110, am happy with the audio quality and the mic performance(with the current WFH situation, am on calls most of the day and my peers mentioned that I sound better/more crispy since I changed my headset). I did not try it yet, but I believe the headset supports wireless connectivity to all three consoles which is very convenient during long sessions. I have charged it once at the start of the day yesterday and has since used it over 14 hours and still did not see an indication of low battery. 


The headset feels a lot lighter than Hyper X Cloud2 and I personally prefer headsets that are slightly heavier. The ear cups are not as comfortable as my previous set(maybe I'll get used to them after using the new headset for a while). I haven't used the multimedia control options yet, so cant comment on them.

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2 hours ago, quixote_1989 said:


Can you share link and your review for this please?

Was thinking of picking up a chair for myself too for work and /or gaming


Edit: Saw your post in other thread. Kindly ignore.


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36 minutes ago, blitzkreiig said:

I saw their listing but the site seemed etchy so I thought it'd be a scam. Nice find for 6.5k

yeah, true but I took the risk :)....the delivery took around a month though due to Lockdown restrictions. The customer support over whatsapp was prompt.

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1 hour ago, Animus said:

Not a purchase but a gift from my uncle.

Couple of years back, my uncle gifted me a Made in Japan PlayStation 1 + The orignal black colour CD of Formula 1 97


When I was a kid, he had purchased it for me but my parents did not allow him to gift me (coz usual indian parents :P). He finally gifted me after my marriage and having a child :) 


Really loved it and he was so thoughtful of keeping it safe all these years for me.





Dayum! A brand new unused PS1 today is a rare find.

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Bose TV speakers


Decent speakers for gaming and entertainment! It has speech mode which makes the vocals crisp and clear while watching movies. Not much of bass which is fine with me considering the size of the room.








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