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The Coronavirus Thread Part 2

Big Boss

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1 hour ago, Right said:


Huh nahi "oh sorry" kar Bhai.


Pfizer claimed 95% efficacy against Covid infection.


Small studies have shown that it does prevent infection to the tune of 90% (studies, not tweets). These are generally more controlled, and hence the actual rate might be a tad less, but 80-90% is acceptable. 

You'll still have 10-20% or a bit more slippage. 

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On 10/9/2022 at 9:46 AM, Right said:


Florida found increased heart risk with mRna vaxx, they are stopping the recommendation in 18-39 cohort




Oh hi! 




Take your time to read. Lots to go through. 

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2 minutes ago, Ram Dante said:

All this Vaccine good/not-good talk is confusing me.


I need to take a booster now. So, is it okay to take the Pfizer or Moderna? 

Or is it safer/better to take Covishield(AstraZeneca) at this point? 

Which vaccine you took for the first 2 doses? It is suggested to take the same but if you are worried then IVG is not the place to ask this, please consult a medical practitioner with speciality in immunization.

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