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IVG FIFA 20 Farewell Cup


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With FIFA 21 around the corner, it’s time for the IVG community to bid FIFA 20 a final farewell. The IVG FIFA 20 Farewell Cup is an opportunity to compete with fellow FIFA 20 players in the IVG community one last time, with the added incentive of some cool prizes in store for those looking to jump into FIFA 21.


The IVG FIFA 20 Farewell Cup will be conducted in a knockout format, featuring 18 players. The tournament will be conducted on PS4. Before we get to the rules and entry process, here are the prizes we have in store thanks to support from Games The Shop.




  • Winner: FIFA 21 Champions Edition (PS4)
  • Runner-up: FIFA 21 Standard Edition (PS4)
  • Final 8: FIFA 21 T-shirts
  • All participants: INR 250 discount coupon for FIFA 21 valid on GamesTheShop.com




1. General

1.1 Each participant must be aware of all the rules listed below. Insufficient knowledge of the rules cannot be used as an excuse for breaking the rules.

1.2 Teams should be submitted before the start of the tournament kick-off date. Teams cannot be changed after the tournament has started.

1.3 Matches need to be completed within the days mentioned for each round. Contact your opponent via PM on IVG to set a date and time.

1.4 Players are required to play with the PSN ID they have specified at the time of registration.

1.5 Every player is responsible for his own connection and has to have a good internet connection to avoid possible ‘lag’. We have heard from multiple members that whoever is hosting has an advantage. Everyone will be playing a home and away match and hopefully this will minimize the lag handicap.

1.6 In case of a serious lag issue – quit the game within the first 15 mins of the game and report  to the organizers. Save a video of the gameplay to back the claim.

1.7 We encourage and appreciate if everyone can save their games using the PS4’s Share button and upload it to YouTube. We did not have this option during last generation, and we are excited to watch some great games.


2. Specific game settings FIFA

2.1 General:

  • Settings: Standard settings
  • Match duration: 12 minutes (6 minutes per half)
  • Game speed: Normal

2.2 All matches should be played in ‘Friendly Match’ mode

2.3 All matches have to be played with the online squads.

2.4 Only tactical defense is allowed.

2.5 When the connection is lost, the match will be resumed at the remaining time and the current score. In scenarios like these, extra time is always counted as +5 mins to the remaining time.

2.6 KO stage:

  • All rounds in the knock-out stage will be Best of Two.
  • Everyone plays a Home and an Away match with the away goals rule being active.
  • When you are the home team, you invite the opponent to the match and vice versa.
  • In case of the aggregate score being a tie at the end of the second match (including the away goals), there will be a new match at a neutral venue with Golden Goal. (The first team that scores, wins the match)
  • Golden goal game: Select a neutral venue for the golden goal game. If there was no lag issue in the previous two games - the one who hosted first game can host the golden goal game in a neutral venue. If either player had lag, Organizers will randomly select the host. 

2.7 Players are allowed to play with club and national teams. Adidas All Star XI and MLS All Star XI are not allowed.

2.8 It is NOT allowed to change your team during the tournament. The team you choose for your first match has to be used throughout the tournament.


3. Reporting scores

3.1 Both players must posts the score after finishing the game in the tournament thread.

3.2 The total score of a match must be reported by both players.

3.3 Both players need to report the scores on the same day after the end of the match.


4. Behavior rules

Play Fair and be nice to your fellow IVG members. Bad language and/or threats against the players are not tolerated.

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  • Round 1 and 2: September 19 - 25
  • Round 3: September 26 - 30
  • Round 4: October 1 - 2
  • Round 5 (Final): Oct 3


Tournament Bracket and Scores will be updated here





Name - PSN ID - Team


Rosh - elsid723

rushaboswal - rushabrdx

Ichigo Uzumaki - neonkryptonite95 - PSG

akhilnair7 - nair_akhil7 - PSG

Aj69 - Zuriel301

rad2689 - rad2689

Stevie G - xxzaanxx

MadridistaLove - madridistalove

hope - funanywhere

Dan1987 - Dannlord87

ImSleepYo - YallPansiess

GameAnalyzer - anketraj

vaibhsarora - vaibhsarora

boltonfan - omr123

rockstarnet - rockstarnet1234

Sudhir - brokenblissx

Assassins Creed - CleriCJbeast

Arthur Morgan - greekDragon7- Borussia Dortmund

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  • Keano pinned this topic
37 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:

Wow, suddenly everyone alive. 


Guess I can join in. 4 more needed for 16. 


@GameAnalyzer check^^

Thanks for the tag. 


@HundredProofSam please count me in. I’m also interested. 




PSN: anketraj

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