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IVG FIFA 20 Farewell Tournament

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With FIFA 21 launching in a month's time we are planning an IVG FIFA 20 Farewell Tournament on PS4.


The tournament will be played in a KO format and the winner and one other player (either runner-up or most goals) will win PS4 copies of FIFA 21. There will also be some prizes for top 4/8 players as well as something for all participants.


We need 16-32 players for this tournament. Whoever's interested, please post in this thread. Once we gauge interest, we will go ahead and make the official announcement.



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If you are registering for the tournament, let us know your PSN ID.


Participant list


  1. Rosh - roshankalro
  2. rushaboswal - rushabrdx
  3. Ichigo Uzumaki - neonkryptonite95
  4. akhilnair7 - nair_akhil7
  5. Aj69 - Zuriel301
  6. rad2689 - rad2689
  7. Stevie G - xxzaanxx
  8. MadridistaLove - madridistalove
  9. hope - funanywhere
  10. Dan1987 - Dannlord87
  11. HundredProofSam - HPS-IVG
  12. GameAnalyzer - anketraj
  13. vaibhsarora - vaibhsarora
  14. boltonfan - omr123
  15. rockstarnet - rockstarnet1234
  16. Sudhir - brokenblissx
  17. Assassins Creed - CleriCJbeast

  18. Arthur Morgan - greekDragon7

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37 minutes ago, Joe Cool said:

Wow, suddenly everyone alive. 


Guess I can join in. 4 more needed for 16. 


@GameAnalyzer check^^

Thanks for the tag. 


@HundredProofSam please count me in. I’m also interested. 




PSN: anketraj

Edited by GameAnalyzer

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